Reusable, colorful and fashionable particulate masks- NEW PATTERNS NOW AVAILABLE! Use anywhere you would require a standard paper particulate dust mask. Each mask has a recommended life span of three years, and is washable. Tight-fitting adjustable nose makes it easier to wear with glasses without fogging them up than a standard paper dust mask. Huge variety of colors and patterns available; headstraps also available (sold separately)! ?NOTE: Not intended for fumes, vapors, or oil-based particulates.





Dream Garden, Volume II: Sea Garden

Online Video Lesson


In Volume 2 Nancy takes you through all the steps to create a fantasy underwater garden. In this video lesson students will learn methods of layering imagery through multiple firings while learning processes for creating elements that will be used to create the imagery. Students will learn new techniques not covered in part one as well as learn new variations of some methods contained in part one. Techniques taught include frit making (how and why), crafting pattern sheets with frit and stringer, creating patterned vitrograph stringer, cane and manipulated elements, enameled bits, making torchworked pieces for adding detail to your design as well as strategies for eliminating coldworking and devitrification. Beyond building a sea garden project the lessons taught will open your eyes to methods and techniques that can be applied to a multitude of kiln projects. As an added bonus throughout the lessons you will learn the language of artistry, including topics like color selection, contrast and composition without being overwhelmed by these basic concepts. Nancy will encourage you to trust your instincts, use your curiosity and work in an improvisational way leading you to become a more creative maker.







Lamps for All Seasons 2019 Calendar!


This beautiful calendar put out by the ASGLA (Association of Stained Glass Lamp Artists) is back for the new year! Featuring the works of lamp artists from all over the world, this is a treat for the eyes. Also wonderful as a visual reference for your own stained glass projects.




Cat Texture Plate Mold

A new addition to the line of textured molds for fusing! Based on a drawing by Weisser Glass friend and guest artist Mark Hufford, this is a sure bet for any cat or animal lover. Fill with frit, paint or just fuse as-is for fabulous detail!



Celestial Casting Mold

Now you can have the moon and stars with this adorable casting mold. Fill with frit, scrap glass, or make it extra special with dichroic. Guaranteed to please!







NEW Bullseye ThinFire Shelf Paper Studio Rolls!


The ThinFire paper you love in different formats! Available in 20.5" x 65', and 41" x 32.5'. These manageable roll sizes mean less waste in general, and no seams under large fused projects.







Dichroic Frit Flakes Sample Set!

SO cute! A fantastic way to try out these glittery goodies. Includes 1/4 ounce tube each of five different colors of dichroic-coated flakes, as well as one tube each of clear and black. All 90 COE; makes a fantastic stocking stuffer!



Economy Engraving Bits!

New, inexpensive grinding and engrving bits to fit rotary hand tools! use in your Dremel, Foredom, or favorite rotary machine to engrave, coldwork, clean up, and add detail. Two shapes and four sets to choose from. Fits most brands of machines (different collets- sold separately- may be required)







NEW Winter Icicle Casting Molds!?
Snowman Icicle
Frost Fairy Icicle
Angel Icicle
Small & Large Snowman Icicles
Adorable and easy to make, these icicles make quick and easy holiday gifts! Make them as detailed or as simple as you like; just fill with frit, powder, or scrap glass and fire. Keep them hanging all winter long; guaranteed to please anyone on your list!



HUGE Vitrograph Stringer re-stock!
Lots of colors and styles to choose from. All 90 COE!






Weisser Glass Now Stocking Big Mouth Paints!


Weisser Glass is now carrying Big Mouth Glassline paints! These wide mouth jars make the paint easier to work with for all kinds of projects. They have a more fluid consistency and are perfect for pouring! Choose from 14 colors in stock; get yours today!


NEW Simple Screens: Pre-Made, Reusable Silkscreens!
Easy-to-use pre-made silkscreens in a variety of great designs. Add detail and interest to your pieces without having to burn your own screens! Use with enamels or powder and fire for amazing results. Simply rinse, dry, and use again! Assorted designs available.






NEW! Hi-Tech Slant Flat-Lap Grinder & Tabletop Trim Saw!

Two fantastic new additions to our line of grinders, we're pleased to introduce these new studio staples. Come in and test drive our studio models today!

The 8" Slant Flat Lap Grinder is an ideal grinder/polisher for any studio, hobbyist or professional. The unique angled design makes for great visibility and less spray when in use, and also makes it easy to sit while working. This complete kit comes with the machine, 4 discs of assorted grits, 1 felt polishing disc, and everything you need to get started. No water line or drain setup required!


The 4"/5" Trim Saw is the perfect little tabletop saw for any studio! A small footprint makes it easy to store and move, and the built-in reservoir does not require any water feed or drain setup. Includes one each of 4" and 5" notched diamond blades, for smooth, clean cuts. Perfect for jewelry, murrine, canes, and other small pieces







NEW Holiday Casting Mold from Colour de Verre!

Create festive decorations for windows, Christmas trees, or your office cubicle with Colour de Verre's Holiday Tree & Stocking design. The finished pieces make the dreariest winter day a bit brighter and more cheerful. They're the perfect "little gift" and are easy to make because they require only one firing!







Bullseye 90 COE Blossom
Collage Glass

New Special Production fusible collage glass, Blossom is a beautifully textured clear glass with a custom blended mix of coarse frit stringer and confetti. Perfect for landscapes, stained glass projects, and anywhere you need a fantastic, soft painterly look. Available for a limited time only; get yours before it's gone!




Fresh Special Production Now In!

Brand new stock just in; check out the drama and beauty of these limited-production fusible glasses. Not just for kilnwork, they can be used for stained glass, mosaic, and much more!








Mini HXtal Kits!


Brand new! The perfect size if you only use HXtal for hanging hardware or occasional gluing. The classic, indispensable HXtal formula in eyedropper bottles for easy measuring and mixing. A small kit will also help prevent your glue from sitting out it's shelf life if you don't use it that often!





Online Learning with Nancy Weisser
If you haven't been able to take Nancy's Dream Garden Master Class in person, now you can learn her methods online!

Click on the link below to purchase the Dream Garden, Volume I: Floral Garden online video lesson, and you'll be able to learn from her anytime, 24/7!
Want a peek? Check out the preview:









We're pleased to announce Nancy Weisser is having a solo retrospective exhibit at Artists & Makers I in Rockville, MD, opening September 7!
September 7- 26, 2018

Nancy Weisser’s exhibition is a solo retrospective that takes a look into her lifelong career, including 40-plus years in the art glass field and covers several themes- installations, new works, and work on paper and canvas. 

at Artists & Makers I
11810 Parklawn Dr, Suite 210
Rockville, MD 20852


Nancy Weisser is a Kensington, Maryland- based artist specializing in kiln-formed glass. She owns and operates Weisser Glass Studio. You may see more of her work at, or in the gallery at Weisser Glass Studio.

Experimentation is a thread that runs through Nancy’s diverse body of work: “My devotion to discovery is about the pursuit of creating something new and my desire to learn along the way whether it be about material, process, or self. Art making for me is about trusting my instincts, nurturing curiosity and challenging myself even when it’s uncomfortable or difficult. This approach has allowed me to move forward and keep my work fresh”.


NEW- Bullseye Special Production Billets!

Three fabulous, delicious colors; only available for a limited time! Check out these new, special production colors that will be a bright addition to any casting palette. In addition to casting, billets can also be used in the kiln-carving process to create low-relief glass sculptures. Pick yours before they disappear!

1814 Sapphire Blue Tint
1816 Turquoise Blue Tint
1917 Cilantro Green Tint







90 COE Murrine- Restocked & NEW DESIGNS!

Fresh new stock for all your fusing needs! Unbelievably adorable, they make simple and fantastic additions to many fused glass pieces. Also great for mosaics!

Three new designs available! Music Notes, Purple Dragonflies, and Snowmen!





Handmade canes, Bullseye compatible. Can be used for fusing, torchworking, mosaics, and more. Use as-is, or chop to make your own murrine slices!



Colored Dichroic Frit

CHECK OUT THIS WEEK'S SPECIAL on new colored dichro frit tubes! Beautiful chunky frit with a dichroic coating! Not simply crushed sheet dichro, this is coated AFTER it becomes frit, giving you more facets of dichroic on every piece. Available as Rainbow dichro coating on a variety of colored glass substrates.







RESTOCKED- Colors for Earth Paints, Color Concentrates, and Kits!

As seen in Mark Hufford's latest round of classes here in Weisser Studio, fresh stock just in for all your painting projects! Huge variety of colors and products. Also back in stock, all three varieties of Color Concentrate kits.


ALSO IN- High-Quality, Genuine Sable Liner Brushes!

Treat yourself to the ultimate luxury in painting tools; the sable brush! The finest sable is used to create these brushes, giving you ultimate control and precision in line and stroke, at an amazing price. A must for anyone looking for the advantage of the highest quality tools!








Now Available- ALL SIX COLORS of the new EZ Fire Metallic Enamels!

Joining Gold, Pearl, and Bronze already in stock, three more stunning metallic colors to round out your painting palette: Red Gold, Copper, and Ruby Red! Mixing and firing are a breeze with these paints, requiring no special venting or firing schedules; with brilliant results!

Red Gold
Ruby Red


JUST ARRIVED! HUGE Selection of Palette Knives!

The perfect pairing for your new enamels! Available in a wide range of sizes an styles for every painting need. Use them to mix enamels, apply paint, clean up, and much more; the uses are endless!








As seen in Mark Hufford's Intriguing Underglazes Workshop...

Students had a great time discovering just how much you can do with all the cool new underglaze products we now have in stock!

Check these out!:


UGC Layering Mix

Layering Mix was created to enable multiple layers of color to be applied on top of one another without the need to fire the paints in between layers. It can be used in a wide variety of techniques to produce an impressive selection of painterly effects; create a tinted background for additional painting, a surface for painting with other underglaze products, and much more.

Colors for Earth Color Enhancers & EZ Stroke Underglaze Paints

Use like watercolors over Layering Mix, directly on prepared glass, or over other enamels to intensify color, create color washes, and add detail. Available in a huge variety of colors suitable for every artist's palette!

Underglaze Pencils

Use over Layering Mix or on prepared glass to create a colored-pencil type effect. Great for drawing and sketching-style imagery on glass! Sold individually or in a set of six.







NEW FuseMaster EZ Fire Metallic Paints!
Now in stock, new EZ Fire METALLIC colors! The same ease of firing and easy to use properties of the original EZ Fire paints, but with a touch of glitz. Mix with your favorite medium for a variety of effects and application techniques.





Kokomo and Wissmach Stained Glass Restocked!

Brand new shipment just in! Look for your next perfect piece from our latest shipment of gorgeous stained glass; huge variety of styles, colors, and patterns. MADE IN THE USA!








NEW Stencils for Sifting, Painting, Enamels and MORE!

Tons of fabulous stencils for all sorts of glass techniques! Use for painting,
sifting powders and enamels, and lots more!



RESTOCKED! Bullseye White Tekta
Back in stock! Enjoy large sizes and clean cut edges with Bullseye's
popular white Tekta! Available in a variety of stock sheet sizes.








Bullseye Special Production Restocked!
The latest batch of these beautiful one-of-a-kind sheets are here, including custom color mixes made JUST FOR WEISSER GLASS! Choose from a huge variety of non-standard color combos, patterns, and much more. Get them before they're gone!



Bullseye Round Platter Mold

Bullseye's newest addition to their line of high-quality slumping molds! Known for their extreme durability, their latest offering is a clean, crisp 13" round platter. Perfect for serving hors d'oeuvres or snacks, it's also a versatile mold that will become a go-to shape for tons of projects! The size is perfect for most kilns, including the FiberFuse 16 and Fusion 16

#8760, 13.3" Round Platter Mold







Scrubby Soap

Tired of using harsh soaps and chemicals to remove studio grime and residue from your hands? Having a hard time getting lead off your fingertips after working with came and solder? Scrubby Soap is your answer!
This wonderful cleaner has fast become a favorite of the Weisser Glass crew and our customers! Formulated from gentle yet effective natural ingredients, the soap is poured around a plastic scrubbie, making it a very efficient dirt remover. The natural citrus oils help dissolve grease, adhesives, and other sticky substances without the use of harsh chemicals, making it great for cleaning glass and tools as well as hands. The smell is amazing, too! We've also discovered that it's great for removing label residue from bottles that just won't come off by soaking it in water; a much better alternative to acetone or other solvents. Available in Orange, Lemon, or Lemon-Lime.

NOW AVAILABLE as well, Bath and Body Scrubby Soap: take your love of the Scrubby to the shower with you. Goats' milk-infused formula provides great moisture while cleaning thoroughly (and smelling great, of course!).




NEW Bullseye Special Production NOW IN STOCK!

NEW AND UNIQUE STYLES NOW IN! Beautiful, rare, and only for a limited time. Includes Weisser's new CUSTOM COLOR COMBOS, like Tomato Red & Sunflower Yellow and Robin's Egg, True Blue, & White! GET THEM WHILE THEY LAST!


Bullseye's Copper Blue Special Production Glass is BACK!




Beautiful, deep, rich turquoise is back for a limited time! Introduced earlier this year, it's back by popular demand (until it's gone!)  Available in a variety of patterns.


NEW Open Bottom Slumping Molds


Get a flat base on your fused glass every time you slump! Each mold is unique, handmade, so slight variations will occur. Shop early for the best selection and pick out your treasure today!







NEW Colors of Satin Shimmers Mica Enamel Decals!
Copper, Gold, and Silver now available on CLEAR BACKING! Previously only on black, these new styles will open up more creative possibilities. Cut, tear, punch shapes; the possibilities are endless! Also available in all the previously released styles.



NEW- Lois Manno's Favorite Hanger now in stock!
NOW IN STOCK! Simple, lightweight hooks fit easily over most screws and hooks! Glue easily to the back of lightweight and delicate glass pieces, hang cleanly on the wall. Sold in a six-pack.







Connections: Shaping Glass
exhibit in Berkeley Springs, West Virginia- opens July 20
at the MAC Icehouse Gallery!
Nancy Weisser and Sharon Moffitt will be exhibiting artworks at an invitational exhibit curated by former student Maureen Storey. The show's title refers to the connections of the seven glass artists invited, connections they have been made because of our passion for working with glass, and how that connection intersects at Weisser Glass Studio.  How cool is that!

If you're in the Berkeley Springs area, join us for the opening reception, Saturday, July 21, at 7:30 PM




Refill Sizes of Lois Manno's Modeling Glass!


We can't get enough of this stuff!

Modeling Glass turns powdered frit into a smooth, pliable clay that can be used to sculpt incredible shapes quickly and easily. Mix with powdered frit of your choice; Modeling Glass will keep well in a sealed, airtight container for a long time. Just trying it out? Be sure to pick up a Modeling Glass Starter Kit (starter kit includes complete instructions)

Students' work from Lois' June 2018 workshop at Weisser Studio



Lois Manno's Favorite Tools for Modeling Glass!
Silicone mats: a great non-stick forming surface for Modeling Glass. Available in a variety of sizes.   Stainless steel mesh for creating your own slumping molds. Available in a variety of sizes.
Clean-Up tool: great for all-purpose shaping, trimming, and neatening of Modeling Glass





Everyone who sees this in the store says "What do you use THIS for...?" What DON'T we use this for!? It's the perfect tool for cleaning up powdery messes without disrupting your work! Precision tip allows for detailed removal in small areas of frit and powder work. Small, battery powered vac fits easily on any work table!









NEW Mini Succulents Casting Molds!

The companion mold to the popular full-size succulents molds released recently, this mold features four different small succulents to fill with frit or scrap! Use them on their own, or add to other projects.








NEW- Now Available for the P3; Sets of Three Standard Tips

NOW ALSO AVAILABLE- Sets of three standard tips, a great way to keep multiple colors at your fingertips! Keep them filled with the colors of your choice for quick and easy color switches.


BACK IN STOCK- P3 Powder Pro Plus!

The fantastic Powder Pro Plus is now back in stock! Great for any technique that involves drawing with powder or sifting enamels; makes precise placing of design elements quick and easy. The P3 comes with one standard tip; sets of three assorted tips are also available.








We've just received our latest shipment of Bullseye fusible glass and products including NEW SPECIAL PRODUCTION! Each sheet is beautiful and unique. Great for stained glass and mosaic too! Come in and stock up on these one-of-a-kind styles before they're gone!




Pressed Glass Jewels

The perfect addition for your glass projects! Add some sparkle to your next piece with these unique jewels. Variety of colors, shapes, and designs available. Works for Stained glass, or just drill and hang.






L to R: Colleen in "8Bit", Rachel in "Tooth", and Sharon in "Chakra"
Also available, the optional headstrap
So popular; reusable, colorful and fashionable particulate masks! Use anywhere you would require a standard paper particulate dust mask. Each mask has a recommended life span of three years, and is hand-washable. Tight-fitting adjustable nose makes it easier to wear with glasses without fogging them up than a standard paper dust mask. Huge variety of colors and patterns available, including new styles! Also available, the optional headstrap for wearing around your neck and promoting a tighter seal when in use. 
NOTE: VOGMasks are not intended for fumes, vapors, or oil-based particulates.






Swirl-Style Steel Display Plates!



This highly popular line of display solutions is now available with an attractive surface finish designed to highlight your glass creations! Each plate is hand-textured to create a swirling surface finish that reflects light and promotes surface adhesion of your piece to the display. Available in a wide variety of size options.



NEW BATCH- Pink Vitrograph Stringer!


Rarely made, limited quantities available! Stop by and get yours before it's gone... All Bullseye 90 COE compatible.








Succulents Casting Molds

Create your own desert garden with these fun reusable casting molds! Two different styles available. Use them as-is, or incorporate them into other fused glass, mosaic, stained glass, or other projects! 

Cast succulents and craft project by Weisser's own Rachel Brooks!






Eight New Colors of EZ Fire Enamels
Cheryl Chapman uses EZ Fire enamels to create her unique, detailed reverse paintings on glass. Cheryl will be here at Weisser Glass Studio in June teaching two sessions of her popular painting class!
FuseMaster has expanded it's line of user-friendly high-temp enamels; say hello to Real Teal, Mocha, Gold Pink, Gold Purple, Royal Blue, Chocolate, Ultraviolet, & Citrus! These paints come in powder form, are easily mixable with the medium of your choice, and provide bright, brilliant results without venting or special care. Recommended firing range of 1380°-1650°F allows for use with a wide variety of projects and firing schedules. Available in conveniently sized 1 oz jars. 

L to R: Real Teal, Mocha, Gold Pink, Gold Purple, Royal Blue, Chocolate, Ultraviolet, Citrus




Introducing you to tools, tips, and tricks that you might not know about!
The Hand Foiler & The Table Foiler
Ever wanted to speed up the foiling process on your stained glass projects? Have trouble centering the foil on the edge of your glass pieces, or even seeing well enough to get it lined up properly? Well, have we got some solutions for you! There are a variety of tools on the market to help you with these issues, and the two of the best are the Hand Foiler and the Table Foiler.

The Glastar Hand Foiler comes in four different sizes to accommodate the four most popular widths of copper foil tape: 1/4", 7/32", 3/16", and 5/32".  It allows you to easily apply the foil to the edge of your glass evenly and effortlessly. It's small, hand-held design allows to be used for even small pieces. Glastar also makes a companion crimping tool for smoothing your foil once it's applied.


The Table Foiler is an excellent tool for foiling medium and larger pieces. It will accommodate three different sizes of foil- 1/4", 7/32", and 3/16". Once you set the centering, you can foil quickly and easily!

Its easy-to-use design is quick to set up, requires very little adjustment once set, and will even crimp the foil down some for you, drastically reducing the amount of hand labor required.
Come by and test them for yourself! 







Sun Face Texture Mold

Help spring along with this cheerful new textured fusing tile! Use the whole tile to create a 10"x10" fused textured tile, or choose sections to create a close-up effect. Fill sections with frits to add color and detail, or just a cool sheet of glass!







Modeling Glass from Glass Bird Studios!


This new highly anticipated product will have you sculpting glass without molds and with minimal tools. Modeling Glass transforms powdered glass into a firm, non-sticky material like clay! No freezing required. Each kit makes three pounds of glass clay!





Fluted Mushroom Drape Mold

Create your very own glass mushroom and toadstool garden with this new slumper. Simply fuse circles, drape over the mold, and attach a rod or tube for a stem. It also works great for flowers; all you have to do is turn the draped glass upside down!



Small & Large Bottomless Slump Ring Molds

The bottomless mold collection expands with these two versatile offerings! Both create a bowl with a distinct foot, and are designed to be placed directly on the shelf.







Introducing you to tools, tips, and tricks that you might not know about!
The Mosaic Cutter & The Cane Nipper
     Sometimes you don't need precisely cut pieces of glass, you just need a lot of chips. Want to roughly shape a piece of glass, without having to take it to a grinder or use your breaking pliers? You can't cut that rod or cane easily with a hand cutter, so what do you do? Your solution: handy-dandy nippers!

     Available in two styles- round wheeled for sheet glass and flat jawed for canes and rod- they make chopping tons of pieces quick and easy. While neither of these tools are designed for highly precisioned cutting, they make short work of small pieces. They're also a brilliant solution for creating beautiful, random shapes for flowers, organic designs, and backgrounds. 
     Use the wheeled nipper to chop up strips of sheet glass for squarish shapes, or take directly off the sheet for more crescent shaped chips.

They're awesome for stained glass artists as well; when you're cutting small pieces, use the nipper to trim down your excess glass to make quick work of your final pattern cutting and grinding (invaluable for Tiffany-style work)
Our new cane nippers are ideal for cutting slices off rods and small murrini bars; their flat jaw shape allows for even cutting of thin and thick slices. 

      Chop your murrines and cane to reveal the beautiful patterns inside, chop rod to create polka dots and circles, or get that crisp rod design on your piece.  



Come by the shop and try them out! 





LEFT: Nancy Weisser uses both mosaic nippers and cane nippers for creating details in fused glass creations.




THE LATEST ISSUE! Bullseye Product Catalog #12
It's here at last!! An indispensable product reference and color chart, pick up your FREE copy today in the shop. Includes the new product styles introduced since the last catalog release, and lots of full-color pics for inspiration!






Introducing you to tools, tips, and tricks that you might not know about!

The Morton Layout Rail System
ALSO AVAILABLE: 6" Rails set
(not pictured)

     Whether you're a stained glass artist or a fuser, one of the biggest challenges you can face is keeping all your pieces in place while assembling and constructing a project. If your pieces are sliding around, you can't get accurate fit and measurements, and you always run the risk of a piece slipping off the table and breaking.
     The Morton Rail System, combined with a simple homasote workboard, can solve your problems! The pre-punched aluminum rails come in a variety of sets, and several different lengths.
A copper foil panel by Weisser student Elizabeth McQuade, fitting snugly in the rails and waiting to be soldered.

A fused pattern bar tile under construction, held in place with rails. HINT: Place a sheet of clear plastic between your piece and the homasote if you're coldworking to keep your board dry!
     Simply use the included pushpins to hold the rails securely in place on your homasote board, and it creates a lightweight, effective barrier to hold flat pieces securely in place while working. Aluminum composition makes it easy to solder your stained glass piece without sticking to the rails, and the pushpins allow you to switch placement quickly and easily by hand. When finished, clean up is a breeze; just wipe down with a sponge or green scrubby pad and they're all ready to go for the next project!

     Morton Layout Add-On Rails are available in variety of sets and sizes. Homasote workboards are available in a 16" x 24" size. Pick yours up today!

PLEASE NOTE: the rails should not be used with plywood workboards, as the pushpins will get stuck!



BACK IN STOCK- Dichroic Frit Flakes!

In stock again after a long hiatus, these delicate dichro bits are the perfect accent for your fused pieces. Sprinkle on a little for a subtle shine or throw it on for a skyful of stars! Also perfect for putting in Glaskolben ornaments. All 90 COE.






NEW for Spring 2018!

Introducing you to tools, tips, and tricks that you might not know about!
The Carborundum Stone

The carborundum stone is a very basic, inexpensive, and easy-to-use tool, and is indispensable for any size glass studio. While it is not designed for fine shaping of your glass pieces, just swipe it across the edge of the glass and it will knock down any nasty flares with no fuss. Secure one to your work table and it creates an awesome, one-handed quickie flare remover! The stone is especially useful when cutting textured glass and thicker glasses like 4 mil and 6 mil tekta that tend to flare. Fewer flares means fewer cuts!
Colleen uses a carborundum stone to quickly smooth a sharp flare on the edge of a
piece of glass before putting it out in stock. 
Using our special one-handed technique to clean up a corner!





Variegated and Imitation Metal Leaf Styles!
Blue Granite
Red Rain
Red Spiral
Antique Bronze
OVER A DOZEN patterns and styles to choose from! Great for backing transparent pieces for a decorative effect and to help hide mounting devices. Also available: adhesive size for applying the leaf to glass



Chakpur Tool
This Chakpur has been specially designed to work with glass powder instead of sand allowing the glass artist to dispense powders for intricate design work.



P3 Powder Vibe and Tip Set

The P3 allows you to place streams of powdered glass and enamels precisely where they are wanted effectively and efficiently. With the touch of a button you can lay down solid lines or create loose gestural drawings. The P3 tool includes a standard tip and 2 AAA batteries so it's ready to go when you purchase it! A three-tip set is also available; it includes a standard tip, a fine tip, and a slotted tip.


NOW BACK IN STOCK- Small Safety Glasses!

Great for kids and petite adults, these safety glasses provide a secure, comfortable fit and their colorful design make them fun to wear.  Available in ten different earpiece colors, so everyone can have their own!







Stay safe- in style!- with these awesome REUSABLE particulate masks. Use them for any situation that would require a standard paper dust mask- VOG Masks meet NIOSH N99 particle filtration criteria. They are reusable for up to three years, and can be hand washed as often as needed.

NEW patterns now in stock as well!

NEW VOGMask Head Strap

Wearing your mask while you're running around your studio? Want to keep it around your neck when you're not wearing it? VOGMask head straps attach to ear loops and tighten behind your head with a tensioner bead; they keep the mask on while you're moving around and help promote a better seal!






NEW Textured Slump Molds!

A new series of textured slump molds. These molds can be used to add texture to pre-fused glass pieces, or they can be used in a "one and done" firing procedure using frit slurries or frit in the texture of the molds.

Olive Branch Soap Dish
School of Fish Soap Dish
Flower Plate



ALSO AVAILABLE- New Bee Bottle Slumper!







Another Huge Bullseye Delivery Just Arrived Includes Frit, Sheet Glass and so much more. Check out our Special Production section for amazing one of a kind sheets and popular mixes not available as
standard production styles.
PLUS- Curious re-stocked, save 20% OFF regular Bullseye pricing everyday!





New Exhibit going up in the Gallery. Check the Gallery page for details.


January 27-March 18, 2018



Be sure to sign up for our mailing list to receive updates,
money-saving coupons and notice of upcoming sales!






Sunday, January 21, 2018

Our way of saying thanks to you!  
See technique demonstrations, try out some of the tools, learn about classes being offered, or just pop by and say hello!  
Demos Include: Glass Cutting, Morton Portable Glass Shop, Hot Glass Strip Cutter,  Circle Cutting, Drilling Holes in Glass, Powder Vibe, Liquid Stringer,  Glass Blowing Ornaments, Beadmaking, Stained Glass Construction, Coldworking By Hand, Cutting Glass Bottles, Vitrograph Stringers, Ringsaw


Formal Demos will run approximately 15 minutes each, but informal demos will be available all day. Roam the studio and try it out with a little help from our staff.


Glass Cutting 10:00
Portable Glass Shop 10:00
Vitrograph Stringers 10:45
Stained Glass Construction 11:30
Liquid Stringer 12:15
Powder Vibe 12:15
Blown Glass Ornament 1:00
Beadmaking 1:00
Cutting Circles 1:45
Hot Glass Strip Cutter 1:45
Cutting Glass Bottles 2:30
Cold Working by Hand 3:15
Drilling Holes in Glass 3:15
Ringsaw 4:00


Enjoy refreshments and conversation. Learn something new, ask questions and learn about our upcoming classes. Wander the gallery as we prepare for our "Insight" exhibit, a look into the art and heart of our 2018 guest instructors. Plus pick up your coupons and save on demo tools and more. See you in the studio!





Mini Bottomless Molds- SO CUTE!

Fused glass bowl by Cheryl Chapman. Learn her technique in the Reverse Painting on Glass class in June 2018!

Create adorable little flat-bottomed bowls with these miniature versions of our popular bottomless bowl molds. Creates a flat foot every time. Due to their handmade nature, diameters range from 4" to 5.5"; no two are exactly the same!


NOW BACK IN STOCK! Vertical Gallery Stand
Popular wrought iron gallery display stand allows vertical positioning of art so that it achieves its full effect.  Ideal for displaying rondels, fused art or stained glass panels. Accepts up to 3/8" thick glass in a variety of dimensions! Perfect for display on a table top or shelf.






VOGMask Reusable Particulate Masks
Reusable, colorful and fashionable particulate masks! Use anywhere you would require a standard paper particulate dust mask. Each mask has a recommended life span of three years, and is washable. Form-fitting adjustable nose makes it easier to wear with glasses without fogging them up than a standard paper dust mask. Huge variety of colors and patterns available; make great stocking stuffers! NOTE: Not intended for fumes, vapors, or oil-based particulates.





Brand new Scrubby Soap made for bath and body! 
The Scrubby Soap we love moves out of the studio; easily clean your hands and body with these new, gentler soap-infused scrubbers. Available in four new yummy scents: Goat Milk & Aloe, Goat Milk Aloe & Lavender, Olive Oil & Aloe, and Olive Oil Aloe & Lavender. Make great stocking stuffers!


NEW style acrylic plate stands 
Show off your work in style with these new plates stands. Unique design adds flair to your glass work without detracting from the overall look. Available in 3", 4", 6", and 8", to fit a variety of pieces from 2.5" -18" in size.




Join us for our seventh annual holiday open house
and craft fair, featuring local glass artists and
craftspeople. Meet the artists while enjoying light
refreshments in a fun and festive atmosphere, all
while supporting local art!





GAI Speedbits Drill Bits 


New, economical, and easy-to-use, Gai Speedbit carbide drill bits will make short work of drilling holes in glass, ceramic, stone, and more! Durable carbide tip is designed for hard surfaces, and will drill quickly and cleanly with minimal "walking" of the bit in use. Recommended for use in a standard power drill or drill press; available in 1/8", 1/4", 3/8", and 1/2" sizes.



NOW BACK IN STOCK- Mini Drill Press!



The perfect companion to glass drill bits! Compact design is perfect for both hobbyist and professional studios alike; easy to store when not in use, but with plenty of power for all you drilling needs. Keeps drill bits steady and perfectly aligned every time! Great for all kinds of drilling, not just glass. Makes a great gift for yourself or another artist in your life.





Put a bird on it! (or at least a feather...)


This detailed feather casting mold can be filled with powders and frit to create beautiful cast glass feathers.


Celebrate Dia de los Muertos all year long with these kilnforming molds!

Fill the texture tile with frit, or just fuse sheet glass over it for tone-on-tone texture. Slump your leftover bottles on the bottle mold to create fun serving trays.  Paint or pre-fuse sheet glass and slump over the drape mold to create a dimensional glass Day of the Dead mask.






Back for 2018- makes a great gift for yourself or anyone else who loves glass! Functional and inspirational all at once.







Create your own good luck Christmas Pickle to hide in the tree. Legend has it whoever finds it will receive good fortune through the following year! They also make great gifts. 


THEY'RE HERE- Colour De Verre 2017 Snowflake Molds
2017 "January" Snowflake
2017 "December" Snowflake
What everyone's been waiting for; Colour De Verre has just released their latest snowflake casting molds! A yearly tradition, each year's edition is different. This year's versions measure in at a whopping 5.5" each- but that doesn't mean they're any harder to make than earlier, smaller versions! Two molds to choose from (or just get them both!) 



Our popular steel display plates- now available in larger sizes!   New sizes include 14"x14", 11"x16", 16"x20"





New textured and casting molds just in. 
Fresh new inspiration for your fall creations!

Mermaid Texture Plate 










Sugar Skull Draper

Leaves & Acorns Casting Mold






Mica Powders For Glass Fusing-

New mica powders in new colors,  in an economy-size jar. Sift, brush or airbrush onto your glass for subtle or striking shimmer- compatible with any COE glass! Available in 8 colors.


Four of the new colors available:







New Bullseye Fusible Glass Colors!
Extend your fusing palette with five new sheet glasses and a new frit color. All 90 COE!

Glacier Blue Opal
0104-30, -50
Robin's Egg Blue Opal
0161-30, -50
Dark Amber Transparent
1138-30, -50, -31, -51

Lt Bronze Trans, Gold Irid
White, Lt Silver Gray Cascade
Blue-Black frit, avail in all grits   






NEW 90 COE Canes & Murrine!
Beautiful new color and pattern combos. All 90 COE Bullseye compatible. Great for flameworking, fusing, mosaic, and more!









Cut glass cane and murrini from 1/8 to 1/2 in diameter! The cane
chopper works on the same principal as the your hand nippers, but the chopper can exert 1000 pounds of force, making short work of cutting
glass cane. The carbide blades are replaceable, making this a durable
tool that will last for many years to come, and save your hands a lot of
work at the same time! Excellent for hand-pulled vitrograph, murrine,
cane, and any other thick form of rod. Available for order now; come
in and try it out!






Affordable Plastic Turntables for Painting, Frit Work, Display, & More!
Durable, easy-to-clean clear acrylic turntables are a must-have for any studio! Use to rotate your piece smoothly while painting or manipulating frits and powders for easy 360° access. Also fantastic for marking round pieces like bottles and vessels evenly for cutting and coldworking. They make a great display for pieces that you want to be able to turn and view from every angle!  Available in 9" and 5.5" diameters, with heavy-duty steel ball bearings for smooth spinning.






New pump version of ZYP Mold Release


The same great ZYP mold primer in a non-aerosol applicator! This formulation is water-based, produces a flawlessly smooth finish, and is great for casting molds, textured plate molds, stainless steel, and much more. The water-based spray makes it more suitable for indoor application to the molds, more environmentally friendly, and comes at a lower price point than the aerosol version. 12 oz bottle comes with sealing cap and spray head.


Stainless Napkin Holder & Business Card Holder Draper Set
From the maker of our new stainless steel display plates, an indispensable set including a business card draper mold and a napkin holder draper mold, at an unbeatable price! Stainless steel is virtually indestructible, good for many, many years of firings. Pair with ZYP spray mold release for a flawless finish on your pieces!






Stainless Steel Display Plates
High-quality stainless steel wall mounts give the effect of floating off the wall! Sturdy welded french-cleat-style brackets on the back allow for easy hanging, and create a stable spacer against the wall. Mount a larger piece onto a smaller plate for an "invisible" cleat, or a smaller piece on a larger plate to create an elegant brushed steel border for your creation. Attach glass easily using a high-grade silicone. Available in a variety of sizes!






New Bullseye Special Production Streakies-  MADE JUST for WEISSER GLASS !
Six new Special Styles in two color combinations created for Weisser Glass! Fusible 90 COE, but not just for fusing. Great for stained glass and mosaic projects, or just for hanging on your wall! Available for a limited time, so get yours today! 







Great new collection of high-quality beadmaking and torch tools! Create amazing beads or detailed inclusions for your fused glass work using these durable implements. Suitable for use with any glass working torch. Made in the USA!






Gryphon Mitre Chop Saw


Easy one-hand operation to cut zinc, copper and brass came at any angle!
Features an adjustable angle guide for repeatability and an ultra-thin abrasive blade to provide very clean and quick cuts.


Pre-Stretched Screens for Paint and Powder Printing

Create your own reusable powder print or painted silkscreened images with these pre-stretched framed screens!  Mesh size is perfect for powdered frit, sifting enamels, or paints. Choose from 12"x16" or 12"x18"






WOO HOO- Bullseye announces they are resuming production on chromium-bearing colors!

Great news! The Oregon Department of Environmental Quality approved Bullseye's request for an allowance to use chromium in their manufacturing process. The allowance is sufficient to manufacture their complete line of glass at full production levels, effective immediately.They will focus on making a variety of popular styles in the coming weeks, starting with Spring Green Opalescent (000126), Spring Green Transparent (001426), Aventurine Green (001112), and Light Aventurine Green (001412). It will likely take a few months to rebuild inventory to typical levels, but it's officially on the way! Stay tuned for more details as they become available.






NOW IN: Bullseye Glasscadia 2017!

Special production, one-time run only, limited edition 90 COE fusible is here! Amazing unique styles; not just for fusing, great for stained glass and mosaic projects as well.
French Vanilla Enhanced Irid

Light Cyan, Rainbow Irid

Orange, Green-Gold Irid

Deep Royal Purple, Blue Irid

Erbium Tint, White Streaky "Ombre"

Deep Copper Blue, White

Warm White with Steel Jade Wave

Deco Gray w. Black Murmuration

White, Medieval Green Infusion

Red, Deep Gray, White Graffiti

Glacier, Steel Blue, White Graffiti

Get 'em before they're gone!






Beautiful, highly detailed casting mold for creating your own glass flowers! Mold with two flowers makes it easy to create a glass garden.

New ruffly slumpers! Available in both 8" and 6" diameters. Make great ice cream dishes or basic bowls.







Powder Pro Plus - Automatic Powder & Enamel Applicator

The Powder Pro Plus (P3) is a terrific tool for the fused glass enthusiast.  The P3 allows you to place streams of powdered glass and enamels precisely where they are wanted effectively and efficiently. With the touch of a button you can lay down solid lines or create loose gestural drawings.  The newly designed  tip set included in the package is ideal for glass powder. P3 kit includes four tips and 2 AAA batteries so it's ready to go when you purchase it.



Clear Spoon Blanks for Painting and Slumping

Painted spoons by Mark Hufford
Create unique and fabulous fused glass spoons with our ready-to-go cutouts and Colors For Earth enamels! They make great gifts. Firing schedules provided with every purchase. Spoon slump molds in stock as well.







NEW Bullseye Molds

#8981 Soap Dish

#8976 Heart Caster

#8756 13" Drop- Out Ring
Three new Bullseye molds to add to your collection. Made from the highest quality ceramic, these molds are designed to withstand the rigors of repeated firings!




Amazing new Bullseye Special Production 90 COE sheet glass NOW IN! Don't think this is just for fusing either; it makes spectacular stained glass and mosaic projects as well. Come in and get it now, since it's all ONE OF A KIND! Fantastic selection!









  Unavailable for a long time, we have them in stock again in a variety of sizes ranging from 3" to 5" in diameter. Mouth blown and imported from Europe, each one is unique and beautiful, and will add great detail and dimension to your stained glass projects!  



Dome Draping Molds

Fun drapers you can use for a variety of projects! Choose from smooth dome or flat-topped dome. Each is approximately 6" in diameter and about 2.5" tall, so they fit in many smaller kilns as well








Zinnia and Hibiscus Casting Molds

Just fill and fire to create stunning, highly detailed cast glass flowers right in your kiln. Leave flat for a dramatic wall piece, or slump to create a fun and functional dish or plate!







We are pleased to join Bullseye Glass Company in announcing Weisser Glass Studio as Bullseye's newest Preferred Partner! For the past 25 years Weisser Glass Studio has served the glass community in the Washington DC area and has been an integral part of the dynamic growth of kilnformed glass in our region. In addition to the expert advice, stellar customer service, and amazing selection you've come to expect from Weisser Glass, we are happy to be your local source for all things Bullseye - bringing you all the latest and greatest from the company we all rely on to provide the fusible glass we love working with so much. 




Lady in the Woods textured fusing
mold. Available in 12"x12" or 7"x7"

Oval and Teardrop jewelry casting molds. Just fill with glass and fuse
for fast and easy jewelry cabochons!


NEW EZ Fire FuseMaster High Temp Enamels!

NOW IN! New, user-friendly, high fire enamels are a breeze to use. Hot colors need no special care or treatment to achieve bright vibrant results, and colors can be mixed to create custom shades. Available in powder form to be mixed with the medium of your choice; colors cure in the 1380- 1650 degree range.




Limited edition WHITE Bullseye Tekta!

Economical, trimmed crisp edges, and available in larger sizes than standard production white. Come in and check it out!



MORE New Bullseye Greens!

Bullseye has created nine more new chromium-free green styles to supplement their already extensive palette! All colors will be available in both standard and thin. Many of these new greens contain sulfur and have a reactive potential.
0221 Citronelle 
0222 Avocado  
0223 Mountain Green  
0345 Steel Jade Opal 
0349 Gray Green Opal 
1212 Deep Green Trans 
1213 Gingko Trans 
1422 Lemon Lime Trans 
1427 Vernal Trans 





Join us for our 6th annual holiday open house and craft fair, featuring local artists and craftspeople. Meet the artists while enjoying light refreshments in a fun and festive atmosphere. A great place to shop and find wonderful handmade gifts, all while supporting local artists!

Saturday, December 10, 10-4 



Howard Avenue Artists Studio Tours & Open House
Sunday, November 20, 11-5

Weisser Glass Studio is pleased to be taking part in the Howard Avenue Artists' Open House Day! Don't miss this great opportunity to see what's happening on Howard Ave by visiting the diverse array of inspired people who work here in their creative environments.



4080 B Weisser Glass Studio & Gallery
4208 B Maggie Gourlay, Susan Main, and Judit Varga
4208 C Richard Dana
4218/ 3A Arts on the Block
4230 Upper Francie Hester and Lisa Hill
4233 C Jacqui Crocetta and Ulf Wallin





We just received another HUGE shipment of Bullseye Glass, including new transparent greens, new special production colors, and LOTS of reds!


New Bullseye greens- four beautiful transparent chromium-free styles!

1247 Lt Mineral Green

1242 Medieval Green

1226 Lily Pad

1217 Leaf Green

NEW Bullseye Fusible Special Production colors! 

 THIS JUST IN- a fresh batch of spectacular glass.   Perfect for fusing OR stained glass!

New 90 COE murrine!

New styles and colors available.



NEW!  Covington MK-101 Tile Saw

Covington and MK have teamed up to bring you a professional glass saw that's sure to become an essential part of your coldworking setup!

Whether you're cutting boro, soft glass, pattern bars, or even bottles, the new Covington-modified MK saw will do the trick!

Covington took the standard MK-101 tile saw (already a fabulous machine) and slowed it down from 3,450 RPM to 2,500 RPM, so the glass does not get "hammered".  Enjoy easy, clean cuts on even the thickest fused pieces!

Each saw comes ready for action with Covington's Ultimate Glass Blade (a $150.00 value!), providing you with everything you need to get nice clean, virtually chip free-cuts right from the start! Come in and check it out today!





Petrified Wood


A new magic unicorn of a streaky! Each sheet is a swirling reactive dreamscape of moss, geologic caramel, and jewel tones. Heatwork heightens the interplay. Expect variation.
  Red Reactive

The latest addition to the series that includes Reactive Cloud Opal and Reactive Ice Clear. This new style creates a vibrant red fired in contact with many copper-bearing glasses.


Medium Amber, Gold Irid

Light Silver Gray, Silver Irid



New Cascade Streakies- 4 Colors!
Black, White Cascade

White, Light Silver Gray, Cascade, Silver Ir

Warm White, Pine Green Cascade
Warm White, True Blue Cascade


Cream Opal- 0420
Deep Plum- 1105
Moss Green- 0241
Pea Pod- 0312
Sea Blue- 1444
Slate Gray- 0236



Caribbean Blue, White- 2164

Mint Green, Deep Forest Green- 2112

White, Dark Brown- 2109



Celadon- 0207

Cream- 0420

Indigo- 0148

Moss Green- 0241

Warm White- 0920



Square Nesting Plates
Small #8757 (5.5"x5.5 x0.9") Medium #8758 (7"x7"x0.8") Large #8759 (8.6"x8.6 x 1")

Swirl #8788





CLOSED Monday & Tuesday
Wednesday 10-5
Thursday 10-8
Friday, Saturday, & Sunday 10-5





Holiday Fair and Open House
Saturday, December 5, 2015, 10 AM - 4 PM

Free and open to the public. Shop for handmade treasures by local artists!


Holiday Make 'n' Bakes

Bring your friends and family and create beautiful handmade glass art at Weisser Glass Studio's popular fused glass Make 'n' Bakes!




New Nancy Weisser installation piece at Artomatic 2015

Nancy has created a new site-specific work of art for Artomatic 2015 opening October 30. We hope you will check it out , there is plenty of time, the show is open for 6 weeks.

Artomatic is well-known for transforming empty spaces in the Washington, DC metropolitan area into vibrant arts communities that create unique and exciting events for tens of thousands of visitors- and it's all FREE to visit! Anyone can show art at Artomatic- it is non- juried and art is selected on a first-come, first-serve basis. It is simply a great way to discover new art!

Thousands of people visit Artomatic to discover new art, grab a drink, listen to music, go on dates, and mingle with the creative community. No matter what kind of creative events you like, you'll find something to like at Artomatic.

Artomatic 2015
8100 Corporate Dr
Hyattsville, MD 20785

Check out all the details, hours, and directions at the
Artomatic website:


Nancy Weisser will be showing works in the invitational exhibit Space, Structure, and Light, at the Silvermine Arts Center in New Canaan, Connecticut


November 8 through
December 20, 2015

Opening Reception:
Sunday, November 8, 2-4pm

Silvermine's exhibition of contemporary glass art will show both the wide range of what is being done today by glass artists, and what glass as a material can do. Glass has magical properties- it reflects, refracts, holds light, and lets light through. As an artist's material, it can be versatile, wildly colorful, smooth or rough, transparent or opaque. The artists represented in this exhibition include casters, kiln workers, glass blowers, stained-glass artists, and flameworkers.

Other artists featured in the exhibit include: Jane Bruce, Moshe Bursuker, Susan Cox, Susan Taylor Glasgow, Dorothy Hafner, Michael Janis, Marty Kremer, Christopher Lydon, Martie Negri, Nancy Nicholson, Alyssa Oxley, and Paul Stankard.

Silvermine Arts Center
1037 Silvermine Road
New Canaan, CT 06840

For more information, visit the Silvermine Arts Center's website:




NEW Bullseye Small Vessel Molds

A smaller version of the elegant deep vessel shape. Three separate molds to be used in sequence to achieve the perfect deep form- on a smaller scale!

Bullseye Lamp Sconce Mold-
Limited Supply in stock!

Now that Bullseye only has these available as a special order item, they're a rare find!

TOO CUTE- New Teddy/ Panda Bear Casting Molds!

Cast the body and the limbs separately, then tack fuse together to create the MOST ADORABLE THING EVER! Main body mold, teddy parts, and panda parts all sold separately



New Colour de Verre Molds

"Skulls" and "Buddha Faces"


After a long hiatus, we have found a new source for our Liquid Gold and Liquid Platinum lustres!

Add a luxe touch to your fused glass pieces with real precious metals.


New Colorline Paints

Now available- Red and Gold metallic, joining their already extensive color palette.

Pre-mixed for your convenience and ease of use!

New Neck-Only Bottle Mold


Turn any textured into a fabulous bottle tray! Just add the Neck-Only mold to create a comfortable handle for serving while retaining the texture of your choice!

New Colour de Verre Molds

"Flaming Heart" and "Bamboo"




NOW AVAILABLE: BULLSEYE CATALOG #10 Hot off the press! Pick  up your copy here in the shop today.


NEW Textured Molds
Snowflake rectangle
Green Man Square
NEW Bottle Molds
Tree of Life bottle mold
Twin bottle mold




We now carry handmade 90 COE murrini and canes created by local artist Gayla Lee!

Each is beautiful and unique, and the wide range of color combinations is sure to expand your creative fusing palette!



FOR 2015

Just released, most in stock! 


Clear, Silver to Gold
001015-0030, -0031, -0050, -0051

Part of the new Alchemy Series, styles that change the color of silver foil fired in direct contact with the glass. Upon firing, silver foil turns gold. Has a slight blue tint in cold and fired form.
Clear, Silver to Bronze
001016-0030, -0031, -0050, -0051

Part of the new Alchemy Series, styles that change the color of silver foil fired in direct contact with the glass. Upon firing, silver foil turns a rich reddish bronze color. Has a slight coral tint in cold and fired form.
Caribbean Blue
001164-0030, -0031, -0050, -0051

A deep blue transparent, slightly warmer in tone than Deep Royal Blue. 



Steel Blue, 1 mm & 2 mm
000146-0107, -0272

Aventurine Blue, 1 mm & 2 mm
001140-0107, -0272




GlasTac Gel
Meet the new go-to holding agent! 
Available in 4 oz and 32 oz bottles.

21.75" Square Slumper



6.125" Circle in Square

9.375" x 6.375" Oval in Rectangle




8.375" x 5.375" Oval Dish
11.875" x 7.625" Oval Dish




Hot Glass Products' Glass Strip Cutters- NOW IN STOCK!

Take the frustration out of cutting glass into strips! The smooth cutting action of these high-quality cutting systems allows you to tackle projects that could take days to cut with a hand held cutter and straight edge. Spend less time cutting glass and more time working on your projects!


The Portable Glass Cutter is a cutter’s dream.  With a 13” cutting width, this self-contained unit is ready when you want to cut glass.  No need for assembly, just put it on your work table and start cutting.  The attached centering ruler has 3/8” counting marks when you need a ton of glass strips, and a regular centering ruler when you need larger pieces.

The 24″ Studio Glass Cutter has a 19″ cutting width, and the same smooth cutting action of the Portable glass cutter. It comes in kit form for you to mount on your work table, all hardware and instructions are included.

Studio Glass Cutter systems are also available in sizes to accomodate even larger sheets; contact us for more details!

Satin Shimmers from ProFusion- IN STOCK NOW!!

“Satin Shimmers” infuse mica powders with a patented dichroic coating and makes it into a simple to use decal. Fires to a beautiful, elegant satin finish at range of temperatures. Available in seven black-backed shades and three clear-backed colors.



We're excited to announce the addition of Color Line- a new series of ready-to-use enamels for glass fusing- to our already extensive line of glass paints and enamels!

Color Line paints and pens give you total freedom right from the beginning; you can use them for painting, airbrushing, dip pen application, fine line drawing, stamping  and many other applications. A whole world to discover and explore!


Kiln-Formed Glass: Beyond the Basics
Brenda Griffith

With this comprehensive workbench guide, acclaimed artist Brenda Griffith takes kiln-formed glass to the next level. From cast glassing and cold working to adapting unusual tools and materials, she covers a range of advanced techniques that glass crafters need to know. In addition to beautiful projects and stunning gallery images, information on best studio practices and a “beyond the kiln” section make this an indispensible addition to any fuser’s library.





Save the date for the opening of

The Grace of Craft

an invitational exhibit at Washington ArtWorks,
including new works by Nancy Weisser

Opening reception
Friday June 6, 6-9 PM

Join us at Washington ArtWorks (formerly Capitol Arts Network) for the opening reception of an invitational exhibit curated by Giselle Huberman, acting president of the James Renwick Alliance.  

    Giselle describes the show as "Seventeen prominent artists, many of them living in the region-- among us-- have come together to create a show that illuminates the power, the unlimited possibilities, the beauty, the grace of craft."

This show will be on display through the end of June.  

Washington ArtWorks Gallery hours:
Monday-Thursday, 10-10, Friday 10-4,
Saturday and Sunday 10-5

Washington ArtWorks
 (formerly Capitol Arts Network)
12276 Wilkins Avenue, Rockville, Maryland 20852




"Covington Engineering is a leader in the manufacture of top quality lapidary and glass equipment. Our products are proudly made and assembled in the United States of America. We pride ourselves in our excellent customer service, and the superior quality and craftsmanship we put into every machine we manufacture."

We are proud to be a distributor for Covington Engineering's line of high-quality coldworking equipment! As manufacturers of a wide variety of sanders, grinders, lap wheels, and much more, we are confident offering their products to you as an addition to your modern, well-equipped glass studio.

Come in today for more information!



Weisser Gallery welcomes

KeKe Cribbs

An artist’s talk:
La Vie en Rose

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Doors open at 6:30 PM, talk begins at 7:00 PM

Join us for an evening with renowned glass and multi-media artist KeKe Cribbs, as she discusses her life, her influences, and her thirty-five year career of creating. “The talk is basically a chronological walk through my life, starting with family pictures and moving through a professional career that began with a one person show in 1980.”

Beginning with her early sandblasted and engraved glass pieces which incorporated carved and painted wood, the art of KeKe Cribbs has been profoundly influenced by the places she has lived. Her love ofthe highly crafted works of antiquity shows in the way she handles her materials; from her blown glass figures with powder pickups, ceramic and glass mosaic figures, to her current body of work featuring reverse-fired enamels on glass that become sculptural mosaic boats. Her slide lecture is a travel log of a life well-lived.

The beauty and serenity of the desert lands of the Southwest- which have deep cultural roots for her- have informed her art, alongside the experiences of living in old European villages with winding cobble streets, heavy iron locks and hinges on old wooden doors. There is a sense of mystery and adventure sewn with magic in her work; new lands and old stories.

This event is free, but registration is required.
You may RSVP to Weisser Gallery at 301-571-8966 or





New fusible sheet glass colors:

0241: Moss Green Opal

1857: Red Amber Tint

3086: White, Turquoise, Midnight Blue streaky

0100-24: Black Soft Ripple Irid

1101-24: Clear Soft Ripple Irid

4302-31: Clear, Clear Streamers Irid

Now available as double rolled sheet glass as well as single rolled:

2109: White, Dark Brown Streaky

2112: Mint Opal, Deep Forest Green Streaky

2121: Yellow Opal, Deep Forest Green Streaky


Now available as fusible sheet glass (previously only non-compatible):

2250: Soft Yellow Opal, Deep Red

3026-21: Cranberry, Royal Blue, Spring Green, White Soft Ripple

3045-21: Azure Blue, Jade Green Opal, Neo Lavender Soft Ripple


3126-21: Cranberry, Royal Blue, Spring Green Soft Ripple

3203-21: Woodland Brown, Ivory, Black Soft Ripple

3334-21: Cranberry, Gold Purple, White Soft Ripple


3345-21: Cranberry, Emerald Green, White Soft Ripple

3346-21: Cranberry, Azure Blue, White Soft Ripple



MORE New Frit Colors!:

: Mineral Green Opal


: Periwinkle Opal

: Mink Opal

0131: Artichoke Opal

0332: Plum Opal

0206: Elephant Opal


1025: Light Orange Transparent


By popular demand...
0.5 mil stringers are now available in a mixed-color tube!


1857: Red Amber Tint






The 3rd annual Weisser Holiday Art and Craft Fair
Saturday, December 7, 2013

Featuring the best of local artists, there's something for everyone on your holiday shopping list! Meet the artists, see what’s new
in the glass world, and shop for unique handmade holiday gifts in a fun and festive atmosphere.



In our Gallery

December 2013- Gifts in Glass

Local artists display handmade creations for this month long exhibition. Perfect for holiday giving, stock will change as sales are made.

Featured artist for December - Maggie O'Brimski-Bonacorda



Fused Glass "Make n Bake"

Drop by anytime between 1 and 4 pm on Sunday, December 8th to create your own fused glass ornaments perfect for holiday gift giving. Charge is just $10.00 per ornament, make as many as you like and creatives of all ages are welcome!




Smithsonian Associates Tour Visits Weisser Glass!

tour We had the pleasure Saturday, July 13 and Sunday, July 14 of welcoming two tour groups from the Smithsonian Associates to Weisser Glass Studio and Gallery.

A total of 80 attendees in the groups were visiting the studios of glass artists in the Washington, DC area. After visiting the Gallery and learning about the Weisser Glass history,  visitors were treated to a demonstration of vitrograph stringer pulling, as well as one of hot glass sculpting as Nancy Weisser demonstrated how she creates glass flowers for her installation work. Other demonstrations for the two groups included glass cutting and powdered portraits.

Attendees were also able to view many examples of finished artworks in Weisser Gallery, including Nancy Weisser's installation work Her Labor of Love, as well as a number of vessels held over from our Transform show. They were wonderful, inquisitive, enthusiastic groups, and we probably have more than one budding glass artist in the bunch!

Transform show at the Weisser Gallery receives rave reviews!    

The variety and quality of the work presented was breathtaking, and it was wonderful to see so many different interpretations of the singular vessel form.

A total of four vessels sold during the course of the show including the vessel Chesapeake Wild, generously donated by Joan Slettvet to raise money for So Others May Eat. We are pleased to announce that the silent auction held for Chesapeake Wild raised $400.00 for S.O.M.E.!  If you didn't have a chance to see this wonderful show while it was up, you can still see a select group of the vessels held over here at Weisser Gallery.

Students interested in learning how to create the deep formed vessel should contact Nancy or Sharon at the store to learn about classes currently being offered.



NEW BOOK- Hot off the press!

Narcissus Quagliata: Archetypes and Visions in Light and Glass
Includes a free documentary DVD

A celebration of one of the most significant artists working in glass today. Includes more than 350 color illustrations along with essays and appreciations of Quagliata's work and influence by a number of authors including Bullseye Gallery Director Lani McGregor.
Each copy also includes a DVD with a documentary, narrated by the artist, on the making of Dome of Light, a monumental public art installation in Koahsiung, Taiwan.

2013, hard cover, 256 pages, color.

New Bullseye Fusible Sheet Glass!

Indigo Blue Opalescent, Double-rolled, 3 mm, Fusible, 17x20 in., Half Sheet
0148 Indigo Blue

Dusty Blue Opalescent, Double-rolled, 3 mm, Fusible, 17x20 in., Half Sheet
0208 Dusty Blue

Cream Opalescent, Thin-rolled, 2 mm, Fusible, 17x20 in., Half Sheet
0420 Cream

Celadon Green Opalescent, Double-rolled, 3 mm, Fusible, 17x20 in., Half Sheet
0207 Celadon Green
Artichoke Opalescent, Thin-rolled, 2 mm, Fusible, 17x20 in., Half Sheet
0131 Artichoke
Warm White Opalescent, Double-rolled, 3 mm, Fusible, 17x20 in., Half Sheet
0920 Warm White
Mink Opalescent, Thin-rolled, 2 mm, Fusible, 17x20 in., Half Sheet
0119 Mink
Elephant Gray Opalescent, Double-rolled, 3 mm, Fusible, 17x20 in., Half Sheet
Elephant Gray
French Vanilla Opalescent with Light Turquoise Blue Transparent Cascade 2-Color Mix, Double-rolled, 3 mm, Fusible, 17x20 in., Half Sheet
2537 Fr. Vanilla, Lt. Turq "Cascade"
French Vanilla Opalescent with Light Turquoise Blue Transparent Infusion 2-Color Mix, Double-rolled, 3 mm, Fusible, 35x20 in., Full Sheet
2637 Fr. Vanilla, Lt Turquoise "Infusion"
Clear, White Opalescent, Black 3+ Color Mix, Double-rolled, 3 mm, Fusible, 17x20 in., Half Sheet
3100 Clear, white, black Streaky
Black with Black Streamers on Clear, Clear Base Collage, Single-rolled, 3 mm, Fusible, 17x20 in., Half Sheet
4136 Black Fracture-Streamers on Clear



NEW Bullseye Fine-Line Stringers!

Fine Line Stringer
Do you like a fine line in your fused pieces? Incorporate extremely thin lines into your
next project with new extra-slim 0.5mm stringers! Available in 16 of the most popular Bullseye colors




Flat Slumper, 11.875 x 11.875 x 1.25 in (283 x 283 x 32 mm), Slumping Mold
8972 Flat Slumper-
A simple square plate with more flat surface area and
wider base than a standard square slumper

Big Bowl, 13 x 3.875 in (329 x 98 mm), Slumping Mold
8973 Big Bowl-
A classic wide fruit- or salad- style bowl with
a stable base

Large Cone Bowl, 11.875 x 3.625 in (302 x 92 mm), Slumping Mold
8975 Large Cone Bowl-
A large version of Bullseye's popular 7" Cone Bowl




   In an effort to accommodate our customers purchasing large quantities of Bullseye fusible glass, we are establishing the Bullseye Volume Discount Program. It's a tiered discount plan- the more you buy, the more you save!
   Discounts will apply to all regularly priced Bullseye products; the only exceptions are items marked "no discount". The discount breakdown is as follows:
• Spend $300.00- 599.00, receive 20% off
• Spend $600.00- 899.00, receive 30% off
• Spend $900.00 or more, receive 40% off

As always, feel free to call or email in your order before coming to pick it up if you are planning on purchasing large quantities.




June 19- July 9, 2013

A celebration of form in glass, this group exhibition focuses on the works of the current students and alumni of The Perfect Vessel classes at Weisser Glass Studio. Each artist has created their own translation of the vessel form's perfect elegance, displaying a panorama of personal expression and insight. Each piece is unique, but all share the bond of similar profile.

Opening reception Friday, June 21, 2013, 7-9 PM (RSVP to Weisser Gallery at 301-571-8966)





The Weisser Glass Studio and owner Nancy Weisser are featured in the current issue of Glass Art Magazine. You can pick up a copy at the store or order a digital copy online. There is also an additional sister article available on the Glass art website. What a nice way to start the new year!


The Arts and Humanities Council of Montgomery County presents an artists talk with Nancy Weisser and Woody Woodruff. The two artists will discuss their path and process and curator Michele Cohen will lead an open discussion in the gallery about the work each artist has on display in the current "Fragility" exhibit.

Betty Mae Kramer Gallery and Music Room, Silver Spring Civic Building, One Veterans Place, Silver Spring, MD 20910

Thursday, January 24, Begins at 5:30 in the gallery.

Artist Talk at Kramer Gallery

Nancy Weisser invites you to view her new installations
at the Kramer Gallery in downtown Silver Spring:


December 3, 2012- January 25, 2013

Presented by the Montgomery County Arts and Humanities Council
at the Betty Mae Kramer Gallery in the Silver Spring Civic Center
One Veterans Place, Silver Spring, MD 20910

Artist reception:
Thursday, December 13
5:30- 7:30 PM



Weisser's Annual Holiday Arts Fair!

Sunday, December 2, 2012, 11:00 AM to 3:00 PM!

Featuring the works of local glass artists, there’s something for everyone on your list! Enjoy light refreshments in a fun and friendly atmosphere while shopping for beautiful, unique handmade holiday gifts. Meet and talk with the artists, discover hidden treasures, and support your local glass art community, all while having a great time at Weisser Glass Studio & Gallery.
The show will feature work from many local artists and artisans, with a large selection of style and price options, great for holiday gift giving.



Gallery talk with woven glass
artists Markow & Norris

When Eric Markow and Thom Norris took their first fusing class at the Weisser Studio few could have predicted how they would soon take the art world by storm! Their stunning works of woven glass are in private collections and galleries around the world, and they have been featured in countless magazines, as well as on the CBS News show Sunday Morning.  For the past four years, they have been working on a series of four life-sized woven glass kimonos representing the seasons, the first of which debuted at their solo show at Weisser Gallery in 2009. Their third kimono will be unveiled at the November 2012 SOFA exhibit in Chicago. Find out what make these partners tick, what inspires them, and view images of their work at this presentation.

Wednesday Evening, December 5, 7:30 PM
    This event is free, but reservations are required
You may reserve your spot for this event by calling Weisser Studio @ 301 571 8966.



20/20 VISION November 13-December 30, 2012

This October marks the twentieth anniversary of Weisser Glass Studio, and we are commemorating the milestone with an exhibit titled 20/20 Vision. We will be celebrating twenty years of glass with the work of twenty glass artists who are near and dear.

Over the years, many artists have come through the studio, sharing their knowledge and learning from one another. Many have developed significant relationships with Weisser Studio, the staff, and owner/artist Nancy Weisser. Featuring many of the area’s top glass artists, this will be a celebration of the history of Weisser Glass Studio as a haven for glass artists, and an opportunity to see some of the remarkable artistic journeys that have been made by those close to us.

Opening reception, Friday November 16, 6-8 PM