Weisser Glass offers a terrific schedule of classes for beginner through professional levels. Courses are offered in stained glass, fusing and kiln forming, beadmaking, glass jewelry, paperweights, glass casting & mosaic. Our goal is to offer the highest quality of instruction in a friendly and helpful environment! New class schedules are posted about every two months.


All classes require pre-registration and payment to reserve your space.
You may register by phone at 301-571-8966.

UPDATED 5/17/19

Lead Came Stained Glass for Beginners 

Thursday eves, 7-9, April 18, 25, May 2, 9, 23, 30, June 6 

Seven 2-hour classes. Tuition $245.00; tools and supplies extra 

Learn to build a stained-glass window using the traditional lead came technique. Everything you need to know including glass cutting, patterns, types of glass, tools, glazing and soldering is taught. Students will complete a stained-glass window approximately 11” x 14”. Patterns are provided. Requires some homework.

Stained Glass- Beyond Beginner

Thursday evenings, 7-9, April 18, 25, May 2, 9, 23, 30, June 6

Seven 2-hour classes. Tuition $245.00; tools and supplies extra. Previous stained-glass experience required.

This class has an open curriculum allowing students to continue their exploration into stained glass under the supervision and guidance of an experienced instructor. Students might select a new project like a lamp, box, panel, or bring a project in progress. This class is a great way to learn new techniques, get a refresher, have your questions answered, or get help with more advanced projects. We can provide the instruction and extra motivation you need to get that project done!

Narrative Stained Glass with Joseph Cavalieri

Wednesday- Saturday, May 15-18, 9:30-4:30 each day

4-day workshop. Tuition $895.00 plus a $75.00 material fee due at class. All supplies and use of tools during class provided.
Previous knowledge of stained-glass technique is recommended. Prior drawing or painting experience is NOT necessary!

An innovator in the stained-glass world, Joseph Cavalieri’s work strives to take the art of stained glass out of the cathedral and bring it into everyday life. Joseph is a master of blending traditional stained-glass process with dynamic and imaginative imagery based in pop culture themes. This class is ideal for the artist who knows the basics of stained glass and wants to take it to a whole new level.
In class students will explore Aesop’s Fables as subject, selecting a story to base their work on. Then, with Joseph’s guidance they will create a glass panel approximately 12”x12” using the copper foil technique. Students will learn different processes to create imagery on the glass using kiln-fired paints, including painting, airbrushing, pen-and-ink style drawing, and sandblasting. Once the imagery is complete and fired, students will assemble the panels using the copper foil method of construction to create a finished piece.

In addition to the class curriculum, Joseph will be offering advice on marketing for artists and seeking out and applying for artist residencies.

Joseph Cavalieri’s glass art is at the intersection of mystical and post-cultural. His beautifully stained and painted pieces are at once an homage to traditionally religious stained-glass art and a cheeky discussion about the pop culture we know and love.

He is based in New York City, and has completed commissions, residencies, and staged exhibits all over the world. You can see more about him and his work at cavaglass.com

Batiky Bowls NEW CLASS! 

Sunday, May 19, 9:30-12:30
Sunday, May 19, 2-5
Saturday, May 25, 9:30-12:30
Thursday, June 6, 10-1
Saturday, June 8, 9:30-12:30
Saturday, July 6, 9:30-12:30
Sunday, July 14, 9:30-12:30
Sunday, July 14, 2-5

3-hour workshop. Tuition $125.00; includes materials and use of tools 

Join us for a fun new workshop on creating batiky bowls! In this class you will work with powdered glass and water on the surface of the glass creating your own unique designs with this technique developed by glass artist Lena Beckeus. The resulting patterns and color are reminiscent of traditional batik cloth design. Nancy Weisser adds her own insight and direction on the process and will help students with color and design ideas. A lot to learn while having a really fun time in the studio! No experience is required so get a friend to join the class. Students will have access to a selection of colors and tools to create their 9” fused glass bowl.

Batiky Bowls II: Stencils & Frit

Saturday, May 25, 2-5

3-hour workshop. Tuition $125.00; includes materials and use of tools.
Previous Batiky Bowl experience required.

The eagerly-awaited sequel to Weisser's popular Batiky Bowl workshop! Explore further ideas in the Batiky process by incorporating the use of stencils and coarser frits with the basic Batiky steps to create new and exciting design motifs. Nancy Weisser will show you her tips and tricks for creating fabulous and unique designs, patterns, and color combinations. Students will have the opportunity to create either an 8"x8" fused and slumped plate or a 6"x10" wall tile

Print, Paint, & Paper Inclusions for Kiln-Formed Glass NEW CLASS!
with Sheila Rosa and Nancy Weisser 

Wednesday, May 29 & Thursday, May 30, 10-4:30 each day 

2-day workshop. Tuition $395.00; includes materials and use of tools. 

Join us for a fun and action-packed class as we explore the many possibilities of paper inclusions in fused glass. See how easy it is to create images and painterly detail using methods like laser decals, enamels for glass, stamping, and much more! Learn to add new dimensions and depth to your fused glass pieces with graphic imagery, subtle watercolor washes, and bold lines, or easily personalize pieces with no fuss and muss. Students will create a series of sample tiles, as well as a finished piece.

Glass Paperweights

Saturday, June 1, & Sunday, June 2, 9:30-4 each day

2-day workshop. Tuition $465.00, includes supplies and use of tools

In this exciting workshop, students will learn techniques similar to those used by glass blowers to create beautifully colored glass paperweights. Learn to gather glass on a punty from a crucible kiln, pick up color, shape and use special studio finishing techniques. Class size is limited to six students. Each student will have time to make three to four paperweights.


Mastering the Art of Cutting Glass- Pattern Cuts 

Saturday, June 8, 2:30-4:30 

2-hour workshop. Tuition $79.00. Appropriate for all levels, beginner to advanced. 

The key to success in any of the glass art forms is good cutting; people are often intimidated by detailed glass cutting challenges, but it’s all a matter of the proper techniques and tools. We’ll teach you to do it well! This comprehensive cutting lesson will cover both simple and more difficult shapes. Learn to cut with ease and confidence; guaranteed to improve your cutting no matter your skill level. An excellent starter class for students with no cutting experience, and a valuable refresher for the more experienced glass artist. Bring any challenges you may have! 

Project Plate Making: Reactive Whites 

Sunday, June 9, 10-11:30 

1½-hour workshop. Tuition $99.00; includes all materials, firings and use of tools during class. 

In this class you learn about the special design effects that can be achieved when working with reactive glass. You will see samples and gain knowledge about the reactive qualities of French Vanilla and Dense White and be able to design with sheet glass and accessory glasses like frits, stringers and more. What a great way to spend an afternoon in the studio! Each student will design and create an 8" x 8" fused and slumped dish. Students of all levels are welcome. 

The Altered Book + Glass with Susan Taylor Glasgow

Thursday, June 13- Saturday, June 15, 9:30-5 each day

Three-day workshop. Tuition $695.00; an additional material fee of $50.00 is due first day of class.

Weisser Glass welcomes Susan Taylor Glasgow back to the studio with this new action-packed workshop! Students will use a book as the foundation for a mixed media and glass sculptural assemblage. Various glass processes will be taught for making components for the works. Open face casting, silk-screening with enamels on glass, and applying text and imagery in and on glass will be taught. A variety of joining techniques, adhesives,and methods for incorporating concept and narrative will also be covered.This class will explore the qualities that strengthen visual impact and the message of an artist’s work, while embracing happy explorations in creativity. Susan is such an accomplished artist with so much advice to offer- you should not miss this chance to study with her. Plus, you will walk away with a unique altered book sculpture and the confidence to take mixed media further in your own practice.


Susan Taylor Glasgow’s work pays extensive tribute to the era of Mother, Father, Lucy, Ozzie and Harriet in a language composed of images appropriated from the world of ‘50s and ‘60s TV and advertising.  She says she "sews, cooks and arranges" glass to reconcile the conflict over work and home, feminist ideals and the Madonna complex, duty and fulfillment.  The bustier forms of her Chandelier Dresses are a fantasy, which reminds us of the way things never were.

Glasgow grew up in Duluth, Minnesota. She graduated from the University of Iowa with a BFA in Design. Her sculptures are included in the collections of the Arkansas Arts Center, Little Rock, AR, the Alexander Tutsek Foundation, Münich, Germany, the Carnegie Museum of Art, Pittsburgh, PA, the Chrysler Museum of Art, Norfolk, VA and the Museum of American Glass, Millville, NJ.  Susan Taylor-Glasgow lives and works in Columbia, Missouri.

Copper Foil Stained Glass for Beginners

Thursday evenings, 7-9, June 20, 27, July 11, 18, 25, August 1, 8

Seven 2-hour classes. Tuition $245.00; tools and supplies extra.

Learn to build a stained-glass window using the copper foil method. Everything you need to know including patterns, types of glass, glass cutting, tools, soldering and finishing are taught. Students complete a small stained-glass window approximately 11” x 14. Requires homework.

Stained Glass- Beyond Beginner

Thursday evenings, 7-9, June 20, 27, July 11, 18, 25, August 1, 8

Seven 2-hour classes. Tuition $245.00; tools and supplies extra. Previous stained-glass experience required.

This class has an open curriculum allowing students to continue their exploration into stained glass under the supervision and guidance of an experienced instructor. Students might select a new project like a lamp, box, panel, or bring a project in progress. This class is a great way to learn new techniques, get a refresher, have your questions answered, or get help with more advanced projects. We can provide the instruction and extra motivation you need to get that project done!

Stained Glass Weekend- Lead Came

Saturday, June 22, 9:30-4:30 & Sunday, June 23, 9:30-12:30
1½-day workshop. Tuition $275.00; includes use of tools and some supplies. Students purchase glass and metal. 

Learn the traditional method of lead came stained glass construction in this weekend crash course. We use the same curriculum as our seven-week course, condensed into 1½ days. Patterns will be provided, and there’s no need to purchase tools! Each student will complete a leaded panel approximately 9”x12”. 

Learn to Fuse
Saturday, June 29, 10-4 & Sunday, June 30, 10-1

1½-day workshop. Tuition $295.00; includes materials and use of tools  

Learn all about the exciting art of fused glass in this comprehensive workshop! A good foundation of basic fusing knowledge is essential to creating more complex and detailed projects, and we cover all the fundamentals. On the first day, students will be introduced to central concepts like compatibility, cutting, and firing by viewing samples and creating a series of experimental tiles. On the second day, students will create a finished 8”x8” plate or bowl of their own design. After taking this workshop, students will have the essential knowledge to move on to intermediate and advanced fusing classes and to work on their own! 

Telling the Story in Glass: Fused Glass Sgraffito Drawing with Kelly Crosser Alge

Thursday- Saturday, July 11-13, 10-5 each day

3-day workshop. Tuition $695.00; includes materials and use of tools. Previous drawing or glass experience is not required, but an open mind and some fusing knowledge is helpful.

Popular glass instructor Kelly Crossler Alge returns to Weisser to teach the use of glass frits and powders to draw two-dimensional imagery in glass. This is meant to be a crossover course, joining elements of fine art and fine craft together. Students will explore traditional ideas of drawing and using a very non-traditional approach; using glass to interpret line, value, contrast, texture, color, movement, gesture, narrative, and composition. Forget your misconception “I can’t draw”- this class will change your mind as Kelly guides you through her process of developing imagery in a single firing! 

In addition to learning simple tricks of the trade and improvised technical drawing skills, students will have the freedom and individual encouragement to experiment with using glass to create drawn imagery that tell a story, evokes emotion, and expresses mood.  Other topics and processes covered in the workshop will include kiln-formed canes and murrine, use of non-traditional and inexpensive tools, incorporating color, reactive glass, volume control, firing schedules, and finishing. By the time you leave class, you will have gained a new awareness of the visual language that is possible with kiln-formed glass, as well as confidence to see and express yourself as an artist. 


"Glass has gripped me from day one. In its many forms, glass is the one medium that has allowed me to create using combinations of art techniques I love from other media. Collage, drawing, sculpture, printmaking, painting, photography, and design... all come together with glass and heat as common ground.

“I'm a self-taught glass artist, specializing in fused glass sgraffito drawing and collage.

"I studied studio art for 4 years in the BFA program at Ohio Northern University, where I focused on ceramics, figure drawing, and watercolor before leaving school to start a family. My first experiences and adventures in glass began after college in 1995. I saved money from teaching art to groups of homeschooled students and purchased a tiny kiln, and the glass experimenting bonanza began in my garage.  My favorite way to work with glass is a method I call ‘glass powder sgraffito drawing’. You can read more about my work and the technique I use in this recent article: Making Art from Scratch”

Our good friend and renowned glass painter, Mark Hufford, returns to Weisser with two BRAND NEW CLASSES! Mark is generous with his knowledge and nurturing with his students, giving personal attention to help individuals become comfortable with the products and how to use them. Students enjoy his classes so much they frequently return year after year to study with this master.
A Comprehensive Guide to Colors for Earth with Mark Hufford 

Wednesday, August 21- Friday, August 23

3-day workshop. Tuition $695.00; includes materials and use of tools.  NO PRIOR DRAWING OR PAINTING EXPERIENCE NECESSARY! 

A deposit of $345.00 is required to reserve your spot; tuition balance of $350.00 will be due June 1, 2019. 

Colors for Earth has a huge range of versatile fire-in paints and supplements that can create virtually any effect you could imagine. But where do you even begin…? Mark Hufford will share his amazing talent and depth of knowledge of these products in this fun and action-packed class, and pass along his tips and techniques to his students. If you’ve ever wanted a skilled master to show you how it all works, this class is for you! 

Suitable for every level of artist, Mark has designed this workshop to showcase the different products that Colors for Earth makes and the endless creative possibilities that can be achieved with them! Students will create many 4” sample tiles with Colors for Earth Glass Enamels, Outline and Piping Paste, BubbleArt, Sparkles, and Color Concentrates. By creating this series of samples, students will learn the many ways these products can be used, both through single-layer application and with multiple layered surfaces.  

In addition, Mark will provide information on firing, do’s and don’ts, and making repairs on fired glass pieces. Students will explore the use of patterns, guides, photo references and how to best determine the method for transferring of images to the glass in preparation for painting. This is a thorough and comprehensive guide to Colors for Earth products and their assorted uses; a fantastic starter class, or thorough refresher for returning students. All levels welcome! 

Painting on Powder: Watercolor Effects with Mark Hufford 

Saturday, August 24- Monday, August 26 

3-day workshop. Tuition $695.00; includes materials and use of tools 

A deposit of $345.00 is required to reserve your spot; tuition balance of $350.00 will be due June 1, 2019. 

A new method developed by Mark Hufford and covered briefly in his new book, “The Art of Fused Glass Enamel Painting”!  

Watercolor painting achieves its unique beauty through a series of transparent color applications onto a surface that provides luminosity as light reflects up through the color layers. Mark has created a technique that makes this possible in fused glass by painting on a prepared powdered frit surface! 

In this workshop, students will use translucent underglazes to create soft watercolor-style landscapes on powdered frit. Various applications of colors onto the powder will be explored, as well as adjusting firing schedules to achieve different results.  

Students will each create their own watercolor-style landscape, in addition to two smaller pieces. (Information on landscape images to bring will be provided prior to class)

Contemporary Pâte-de-Vérre Forms with Alicia Lomné 

Wednesday- Sunday, September 18- 22

5-day workshop. Tuition $1,150.00 

A deposit of $580.00 is required to secure your spot. Tuition balance of $570.00 is due July 1. 
Suitable for all levels of experience; returning students are encouraged to sign up! 

We’re thrilled to have Alicia Lomné return to teach her unique approach to the ancient art of pâte-de-vérre. Alicia employs her own signature style to create stunning, delicately detailed vessel forms. In this class students learn how to create molds from models they hand build in class. Then Alicia teaches her methods of hand-packing layers of colored glass frit and powder into the mold making a tremendous range of color and design options possible. 

This class will provide a solid base of technical information, and students will explore a variety of casting processes used by Alicia in creating her vessel forms. This will include model making, mold construction, color mixing, and color placement. She will also cover the use of inclusions in the mold; returning students will be encouraged to further explore these types of structures in their pieces. Discussions will cover firing schedules and the use of temperature to attain specific effects. 

Students new to this technique will receive all the information they need to work on their own after the class and returning students may continue their study by working with more involved designs. By the end of this class, you will feel confident in making a mold, packing it with glass, and then programming and firing on your own. 


Alicia Lomné, has dedicated the past ten years to exploring techniques in pâte de verre. She shows her extraordinary work in galleries across the U.S. and has taught pâte-de-verre workshops across the country and the globe including Anla Glass (Denmark), Creative Glass (Switzerland), Pilchuck Glass School, Penland School of Crafts, the Corning Museum Studio and Bullseye Glass Co. Lomné lives and works in Tacoma, Washington.  You may see more of her work at alicialomne.com.

Reverse Glass Painting and Design with Cheryl Chapman

Thursday- Sunday, October 3-6
Thursday, Friday, Saturday, 9:30-4:30 each day, Sunday 9:30-12:30

3½-day workshop. Tuition $795.00; includes materials and use of tools.

A deposit of $395.00 is required to reserve your spot; tuition balance of $400.00 due August 1.

We’re excited to welcome back glass painter Cheryl Chapman to the Weisser Studio! In this popular class students learn Cheryl’s methods of painting on glass that can then be taken into many styles and directions for fusers. Enamel painting on glass is a fun way to use clear glass to create unique, stunning and surprisingly detailed images.  Opaque glass enamels have a bright luminosity and reflective quality all their own.  Unlock the secrets to mixing FuseMaster high fire opaque enamels with both oil and water mediums, working in reverse, the texturing style of grisaille and the stages of applying colored enamels, layering glass and firing to a finished piece. Cheryl will work with you on your personal imagery working from books, a sketch or photograph developing your design and finished project over three and a half days using Cheryl’s multi-stage techniques to create your piece of art.  The focus of this class is on the technical skills so you will be able to take your knowledge home to develop your glass painting style.  Each student will complete an approximately 9” tile or bowl as well as practice pieces. 

Student projects from a previous workshop


Cheryl Chapman is the owner-artist of Silly Dog Art Glass Studio and enjoys creating pieces of art that convey realism mixed with a splash of whimsy. Cheryl currently divides her time between painting, spending time with her animals and husband and traveling.The Chapmans recently relocated to La Pine in central Oregon and look forward to what will inspire more art in this beautiful community.

Master Class in Painterly Glass with Kari Minnick

Thursday, October 24- Monday, October 28

5-day workshop. Tuition $1,095.00.
A deposit of $545.00 is required to reserve your spot; tuition balance of $550.00 due August 1.

Prior glass experience is beneficial but not required.

Kari ups her game again with her newest workshop “Painterly Glass”. In this creative workshop students learn methods of creating a two-dimensional glass composition or panel using glass materials to achieve a painterly or painting-like quality. But…NO PAINT OR ENAMEL WILL BE USED! 

We will use Bullseye glass, powder, frit and stringer to simulate paint and highlight the unique qualities that working with glass brings to the process. Gritty, slick, or robust relief, kilnforming materials and processes give us a vast range of painterly styles from creamy impasto to ephemeral watercolor washes. Students will learn painterly effects by utilizing unusual wet and dry powder processes, multiple firings and careful temperature control. 

Painterly glass is more than the techniques used to achieve it. It is a mindset; a consideration of “the big picture”; layer by glass layer. Students will explore technique that supports strong composition, rich surfaces, and depth. Color, composition, and the effective use of opacity and transparency will be considered. Students will develop ideas through preliminary sketches, paper cut outs and/or test pieces leading to the completion of two larger glass projects.  

Topics to be covered include: color mixing, considering both sides of the glass, layering strategies, light transmission as well as 2D to 3D by slumping, draping or function. 

Prior glass experience is beneficial but not required. This highly creative and hands-on course is of interest to kiln glass workers as well as artists of other media. 


Precious Metal Silver Clay and Glass with Gail Stouffer

Thursday, November 7, 9:30-5, & Friday, November 8, 9:30-3:30

2-day workshop. Tuition $495.00, with a $65.00 material fee due at class.

A deposit of $245.00 is required to reserve your space. Balance $250.00 due September 1. The $65 material fee will be due the first day of class.

Learn to combine sterling silver precious metal clay* and fused glass in this exciting workshop with Gail Stouffer! On the first day of the workshop, students will create beautiful and unusual fused glass jewelry focal pieces, as well as matching sterling metal clay “jackets” to set them in. On day two, after firing the components, you’ll put everything together, drilling holes in your glass and metal clay pieces, riveting them, and using some silver soldering techniques as well. Your jewelry piece will have a unique design on both sides, making it a truly reversible piece of wearable art! The perfect workshop for glass fusers or metal clay workers who want to learn more techniques for creating specialty art jewelry projects.

*Precious metal clay can be formed like any soft clay. After firing, the binder contained in the clay is burned away leaving a solid metal form.

Realistic Gardens and Faceted Stones: Metalsmithing with Sterling Silver & PMC
with Gail Stouffer

Saturday, November 9- Monday, November 11, 9:30-5 each day

3-day workshop. Tuition $695.00, with a material fee of $200.00 due at class 

A deposit of $345.00 is required to reserve your space; tuition balance of $350.00 will be due September 1. The $200.00 material fee will be due the first day of class. 

An amazing class, perfect for beginners who want to learn basic metalsmithing and PMC techniques, or for the metal worker who wants to expand their portfolio and work on their nature-inspired design skills in silver! NO PRIOR EXPERIENCE IS REQUIRED! 

On the first day, students will learn the basics of soldering sterling silver jewelry components using a butane micro torch. Mastering basic soldering skills will open the door to the most exciting jewelry projects. Gail will cover torch safety, basic paste soldering, multi-stage soldering, types of solder, pickling, patinas and polishing. Students will also practice setting a semi-precious stone into one of their pendants in preparation for their garden-inspired pieces. Basic metalsmithing skills will be covered, including using metal shears, filing, basic fabrication and design planning. 

On days two and three, students will concentrate on more advanced techniques, to help them create realistic and cohesive nature-inspired jewelry pieces. Some of the techniques students will learn include: 

IDENTIFYING & GATHERING FOCAL AND SUPPORT INSPIRATIONS- Design using the real thing! We’ll gather local flora, make still life arrangements, document, sketch, and photograph our inspirations. Using these reference points, we’ll plan the components necessary to create a full body of work. 

MAKING MOLDS FOR METAL CLAY COMPONENTS- Sculpture will be our focal point, and our faceted stones are our highlights! We’ll create all the molds necessary to bring our arrangements to life. These molds are the jumping off point that will allow for flexibility in designing the individual pieces in your collection. 

MULTI-STAGE SOLDERING- Sterling sheet is the canvas upon which we’ll build our pieces and arrange our embellishments, stone settings, and findings. First, we’ll create the parts we need, and then we’ll solder these multiple components, finally cutting and filing our pieces into shape using the fun and effective JoolTool machine. 

SETTING STONES- We’ll highlight our pieces with multiple tube settings and sparkling semi-precious stones. Small settings need special care and process, you’ll learn to manage heat and add multiple settings and findings at once. 

Students will leave this class with 3-4 finished pieces. This workshop will serve as an excellent standalone class, or as a great introduction to incorporating more metalsmithing and PMC techniques into your glass work! 

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