The class archive features classes we have taught in the past, but may not have on our current schedule. See one you want to take that isn't on the current calendar? LET US KNOW- we add classes based on interest!

WE ALSO TEACH PRIVATE LESSONS AND PRIVATE GROUP CLASSES! Any of our courses can be taught as private or semi-private lessons, Please give us a ring here at the studio at 301-571-8966 if you'd like more info or want to set something up.


Weisser Glass offers a terrific schedule of classes for beginner through professional levels. Courses are offered in stained glass, fusing and kiln forming, beadmaking, dichroic jewelry, paperweights, glass casting & mosaic. Our goal is to offer the highest quality of instruction in a friendly and helpful environment!






Holiday Create ‘n’ Bake

Create beautiful holiday gifts and decorations at our popular Create ‘n’ Bake workshop! Choose from multiple fusing projects; prices start at just $10.00.  We provide you with everything you need to create!  An ideal way to spend time with friends and family or just a great way to enjoy some quality hassle-free time in the studio being creative. Build as many as you like* and stay for the amount of time you need to finish your masterpiece. Please contact shop for project pricing details. Projects will require pickup on a later date.  Pre-registration and a $10.00 per person deposit are required to hold your space in class. *Fees based on projects, see store for additional details.





Project Plate Making: Reactive Whites

1½-hour workshop.

In this class you learn about the special design effects that can be achieved when working with reactive glass.  You will see samples and gain knowledge about the reactive qualities of French Vanilla and Dense White and be able to design with sheet glass and accessory glasses like frits, stringers and more. What a great way to spend an afternoon in the studio! Each student will design and create an 8" x 8" fused and slumped dish. Students of all levels are welcome.





Blown Ornaments

2-hour workshop.

Learn to make blown glass ornaments with a Hot Head torch.  Create unique holiday gifts or pretty little garden charms. Starting with Glaskolben pre-made glass tubes you’ll learn the tips and tricks for blowing these ornaments over a simple torch and how to embellish them with color. Each student will have the opportunity to make up to six blown Glaskolben ornaments! (additional may be made, time permitting, for an extra fee)





Creative Concepts in Kiln Forming with Morgan Madison

4-day workshop.

In this class, Morgan Madison will cover techniques use to achieve the distinct linear quality and crisp character of his glass work- students will explore pattern and design by learning Morgan’s unique kiln forming techniques. Through group exercises and one-on-one attention, students will explore aspects of the artistic process, from developing ideas in the sketchbook, to executing them in glass, to preparing work for firing in the kiln. Three different projects will challenge students to relax creative inhibitions while thinking critically about concept and its relationship to technique. The aim of this class is to give students the tools to pursue their own unique visions efficiently and confidently, and to have fun doing so; technical instruction will supply a foundation for advancing concepts for more refined work.






Contemporary Pâte-de-Vérre Forms with Alicia Lomné

5-day workshop.

We’re thrilled to have Alicia Lomné return to teach her unique approach to the ancient art of pâte-de-vérre. Alicia employs her own signature style to create stunning, delicately detailed vessel forms. In this class students learn how to create molds from models they hand build in class. Then Alicia teaches her methods of hand-packing layers of colored glass frit and powder into the mold making a tremendous range of color and design options possible.

This class will provide a solid base of technical information, and students will explore a variety of casting processes used by Alicia in creating her vessel forms. This will include model making, mold construction, color mixing, and color placement. She will also cover the use of inclusions in the mold; returning students will be encouraged to further explore these types of structures in their pieces. Discussions will cover firing schedules and the use of temperature to attain specific effects.

Students new to this technique will receive all the information they need to work on their own after the class, and returning students may continue their study by working with more involved designs. By the end of this class, you will feel confident in making a mold, packing it with glass, and then programming and firing on your own.





Glass Combing

2-day workshop

Experience the fun of moving glass while hot to create amazing combed patterns!  Learn ways to set up glass, how to plan controlled designs, how and when to rake the glass for beautiful chevron patterns, and more! There will also be an experimental element to this class as students are encouraged to get creative with combing.  Each student will have the opportunity to create three personal combed pieces of glass. There will be demonstration and discussion of how to use and incorporate combed glass into fused glass projects.  Firings, strip cutting, damming, coldworking, and finishing options are covered in class. Students will have the chance to coldwork one piece as desired, time permitting.





Flow Factor
Master Class with Nancy Weisser

5-day workshop.

In this class you learn ways to capture the magic and movement of fluid glass into the solid glass form. Moving beyond controlled linear patterns students will explore special effects that can be achieved inside the kiln using heat and gravity to produce remarkable visual outcomes.  Students learn strategies for capturing the organic movement of glass and methods of forming elements to create interesting design. Students also learn how to recycle discarded and unwanted projects and sample tiles into usable components for flow work. Also covered are methods for constructing containment systems for various shapes, and how to calculate how much glass is needed to fill those spaces. Firing schedules will be thoroughly covered and finishing options are also demonstrated in class and students will have the option to practice these techniques.





Stained Glass Weekend: Copper Foil

1½-day workshop.

The copper foil stained glass technique was originally devised by Louis Comfort Tiffany to be used for his intricate designs. Unlike the more traditional lead came method, the foil technique allows for more detailed patterns, as well as construction of three-dimensional objects like lampshades and boxes. In our weekend crash course, students will learn the art of the copper foil stained-glass technique; we use the same curriculum as our seven-week course condensed into a day and a half. Students do not need to purchase any tools, so it’s an excellent way to try your hand at the medium without having to invest in all the equipment. Each student will complete a copper foil panel approximately 9” x 12”.






Precious Metal Silver Clay and Glass with Gail Stouffer

Two-day workshop.

Learn to combine sterling silver precious metal clay* and fused glass in this exciting workshop with Gail Stouffer! On the first day of the workshop, students will create beautiful and unusual fused glass jewelry focal pieces, as well as matching sterling metal clay “jackets” to set them in. On day two, after firing the components, you’ll put everything together, drilling holes in your glass and metal clay pieces, riveting them, and using some silver soldering techniques as well. Your jewelry piece will have a unique design on both sides, making it a truly reversible piece of wearable art! The perfect workshop for glass fusers or metal clay workers who want to learn more techniques for creating specialty art jewelry projects.

*Precious metal clay can be formed like any soft clay. After firing, the binder contained in the clay is burned away leaving a solid metal form.






There’s No Place Like Home: Altaristas in Glass
with Gail Stouffer and Alice Benvie- Gebhart


Four-day workshop.

Altaristas- small home altars- are an expression of faith, art, and cultural heritage, with each one conveying the experience of its maker. Each altar is a sacred personal space filled with icons of importance to the heart of its owner.

In this workshop, students will explore the sacred altar as art, enjoying the benefits of learning with two experienced and renowned instructors! Using various glass and mixed media techniques, we will create imagery and symbols close to our hearts, our memories, and the significance of our personal homes and heritage. Whether you gain strength, comfort, or inspiration from your experience of home, you can convey your story of the power of home by creating your own sacred altar space.

The class project will be taking it to the next level, creating mood and emotion. This workshop will cover it all, from concept creation to the final mounting; students will create a biographical piece in which they will develop a scene including background, middle ground and foreground layers where their images and inclusions will reside.

Students will develop color schemes, work with photo manipulation software, glass enamels and powder applications, screen printing, airbrushing, photo resist, and direct painting techniques, to apply imagery on multiple layers of glass. Additionally, each piece will carry an inclusion of a small, but highly visible object inside of the glass. Some mixed-media techniques will also be explored as enhancements.

Students will become skilled at color theory and development, preparing personalized images, creating backgrounds, working with photoresist films, creating their own silk screens, operating an airbrush, printing powder images, layering images, engineering inclusions into their work, specialty mounting, understanding adhesives, and mastering the firing schedules that deliver success, plus effective sandblasting and cold working techniques.







Powdered Pet Portraits

2½-hour workshop.

Create a black and white portrait of a favorite pet or other animal using fusible glass powder! A great introduction to drawing with powders (have no fear-we will teach you), these creations also make amazing gifts for the animal lover in your life. Drawing experience is not required: we will give you tips, guidelines and techniques to assist you in creating realistic portraits. No previous glass experience is required, and all you need to bring is an 8”x8” black and white photo of your favorite pet! We will send you guidelines prior to class. Just look at what some of our students have created in previous sessions!




Mastering the Art of Cutting Glass III-
Around We Go: Circles & Holes in Glass


2½-hour workshop.

A lot of people find making circles and holes in glass to be very intimidating, but they don’t need to be! In this class, we will teach you the tricks to cutting circles, small and large, successfully. We’ll demonstrate the principles behind proper circle cutting, and how to overcome any problems you may be having. Students will also learn a variety of ways to create holes and openings in glass with tools like a Dremel, a drill press, and Ringsaw. You’ll get lots of hands-on practice in this class!





Mastering the Art of Cutting Glass II-
The Portable Glass Shop &
Other Strip Cutting Jigs


2½-hour workshop.

Straight lines, strips, geometric shapes and more- we teach you our studio methods of creating quick and accurate cuts saving you time and money! Starting with the Morton Portable Glass Shop, learn to master this extremely useful studio tool for strip cutting and creating quick and accurate geometric pieces of glass like squares, rectangles, diamonds and more. We will also show you strip cutting methods, and the specialty tools designed to help you succeed every time. Gain confidence and understanding as we show the tools and methods to improve your skills.






Pattern Bars for Kiln Work

3-day workshop.

Pattern bar making is a fundamental skill for fusers and a fun way to create interesting patterns in fused glass. We will explore various methods for creating bars from simple to more complex. Explore planning your designs, methods of stacking, damming, molding and thinking outside the box for advanced and unique variations. You will also learn how to cut the bars and learn ways to construct and design with pattern bar slices. This class is great for both the first-time pattern bar maker as well as the student that would like to explore more pattern bar making options. After creating various styles of pattern bars students will learn how to cut, construct, fire and finish work made completely of pattern slices as well as using pieces as elements in combination with other methods.  Each student will create at least one completed artwork as well as have a stack of parts to take home. Firing, cold working and finishing are covered as well.





Dream Garden
Master Class with Nancy Weisser


5-day workshop.

Nancy will reveal her process of creating fantastical gardens and imaginary underwater scenes.  This will be a multi-step and multi-element process that will include many techniques and use of various vitreous materials. Glass forming techniques taught will include: vitrograph, working over a torch, making frit from the kiln, crafting part sheets, and other methods for generating a variety of visual effects with frits, powders and dry enamels. Students will be asked to create from their imagination, learning to trust their own instincts and rely on information that already exists in the mind. Emphasis will be placed on creating spontaneously and improvising while exploring design, color and layering steps. This class is ideal for students that are open to the creative process, interested in learning new forming methods and constructing a progressive piece of art that represents their individual style. Finishing and presentation options will be covered as well.  Each student will create two finished artworks, a flora dream garden and an underwater dream garden.





Lead Came Stained Glass for Beginners

Seven 2-hour classes.

Learn to build a stained glass window using the traditional lead came technique. Everything you need to know including glass cutting, patterns, types of glass, tools, glazing and soldering is taught. Students will complete a stained glass window approximately 11” x 14”. Patterns are provided. Requires some homework.






Project Plate Making: Cascade-a-Plate

One 3½-hour workshop.

Create your own strip cut composition using Bullseye’s wonderful cascade style glass.  Learn how to cut strips, create compositions and pattern variations.  We show you how to set up your piece in the kiln so no coldworking is required, just fuse and slump. Firing instructions and schedules are included as well. Choose from 4 cascade styles and create a 9” x 9” slumped plate.






Introduction to Stained Glass

2½-hour workshop.

Try your hand at the art of stained glass in this two-hour mini workshop- no experience necessary! In class, you will learn the basics of cutting and grinding glass, foiling, soldering, framing, and finishing a piece by building a small stained-glass ornament. A perfect quickie glass adventure for families and friends; all aspiring artists age 12 and up are welcome!






Intriguing Underglaze Techniques for Fused Glass with Mark Hufford   

3-day workshop.

Discover the possibilities of underglaze products for your fused glass in this exciting NEW workshop! Mark has been busy exploring new materials and methods for adding imagery to glass. These techniques are suitable for many different artistic styles and will appeal to all levels from the seasoned painter to those who feel they just can’t paint.

Students will work with ceramic type products like underglaze pigments and underglaze pencils in conjunction with and without enamels and learn ways of painting, stenciling and stamping directly on glass. Oh, the possibilities are endless! If you are hesitant about working with images this way, DON’T BE; Mark is a thorough and enthusiastic top-notch instructor who knows how to bring out the best in his students.  Everything from the potential of mixing and matching techniques and materials to glass preparation, obtaining flawless brushstrokes and firing various projects round out this fun and educational workshop.






Color Theory for Fired Glass Enamels with Mark Hufford

4-day workshop.

Continue your journey with Mark and Colors for Earth enamels. In this class you will gain a better understanding of color as Mark works you through color theory as it pertains to Colors for Earth enamels.  Students will learn all about shading, tinting, blending and mixing new colors as they study color theory creating a variety of color scheme samplers including complimentary, triadic, monochromatic and more.  Students will work from images of their own choosing and learn how to interpret them into finished painted works in glass. Students will also make a multi-level painted pieces and learn how to paint front and back surfaces to create depth in imagery. Wow, it’s going to be another outstanding class!





Introduction to Fired Glass Enamels with Mark Hufford

2-day workshop.

In this two day introductory class students will learn how to use Colors for Earth enamels and products to paint and enhance fused glass.  Proper mixing, brushing technique, applications and firing are all covered. Students work from patterns, to create a series of sampler tiles while learning a multitude of techniques and applications like opaque paint coverage, watercolor like washes, piping, bubble art and more. Mark is generous with his knowledge, and nurturing with his students giving personal attention to help individuals become comfortable with the products and how to use them. Students enjoy his classes so much they frequently return year after year to study with this master.





Project Plate Making: Vitrograph Elements

3-hour workshop.

Experience the thrill of pulling and manipulating glass stringer from a suspended kiln designed to create vitrograph stringers!  In this class, students will participate in making the stringer, then design an 8 x 8 fused and slumped dish using vitrograph elements.  You will learn what vitrograph is, how it’s made, and discover the many varieties of glass elements that can be made using this set up. No experience necessary, a perfect class to share with friends and family!






Coldworking- Methods and Machines

1-day workshop.

Coldworking is the process of grinding, shaping, and polishing glass without heat- an essential step to creating a finished, professional look for your glass art! Learn about different options for finishing glass edges and surfaces. Students will learn how to use saws, grinders, diamond flat lap and the wet belt as it applies to coldworking.  You will also learn ways to grind and finish your glass pieces by hand, using assorted abrasives grits and pads, without the assistance of machines. Students will have the opportunity to try out the machines and various methods for creating finely finished artwork. There will also be discussion of fire polishing in the kiln in combination with coldworking. After completing the course students qualify to rent coldworking equipment in the studio.





Stained Glass Weekend- Lead Came

1½ day workshop.

Learn the traditional method of lead came stained glass construction in this weekend crash course. We use the same curriculum as our seven-week course, condensed into 1½ days. Patterns will be provided, and there’s no need to purchase tools! Each student will complete a leaded panel approximately 9”x12”.






Sandblasting on Glass- The Basics

2½-hour workshop.

Sandblasting is a versatile, simple way to enrich both fused and stained-glass projects. It’s also a great way to correct many surface issues in fused glass. Students will learn all the basics, including resist application, prep and machine operation, and will experiment with different blasting techniques. Students will create a few samples while learning various applications for using the sandblaster in creating and enhancing artworks.





Soldering Workshop

2½-hour class.

Soldering is often the hardest part of the copper foil process for artists to master. Problems commonly encountered include poor solder flow, uneven and streaky solder beads, and difficulty getting the proper amount of solder onto the foil for a professional look. The good news is that all these issues can be overcome with the use of proper tools and technique! We’ll cover the tips and tricks to making a smoother bead for a better- looking finish. Students will also learn how to manipulate the solder to create assorted decorative patterns to embellish projects. Guaranteed to improve the look of your solder line!





Diptych Tree Landscapes in Glass with Alice Benvie- Gebhart

4-day workshop.

Alice Benvie- Gebhart returns to Weisser Glass to teach a four-day layered landscape diptych intensive! Class will focus on creating an effective composition by utilizing color, balance, and visual depth. While creating a series of test tiles, students will gain insight into color theory and develop designs which they will then use to create two wooded landscapes.

Students will learn Alice’s layering techniques, utilizing sheet glass, frit and stringers, as well as fire-in paints and lustres to create a sense of depth and complexity to their pieces, encouraging viewers to “look into” the work. The workshop will cover other topics, such as making frit and understanding copyright as it applies to internet search, as well as using programs like Photoshop to translate imagery into useful glass compositions and successful works of art.





Mosaics in Glass

1½-day workshop.

Mosaic is a versatile art form that has been used to create intricate and beautiful imagery since antiquity. It is an accessible medium for all skill levels, can be made of different materials, and can be applied to almost any surface. In this workshop, students will focus on the use of colored sheet glass to create their own mosaic in a pattern of their choice. Previous experience is not required- if you’ve never cut glass, you will learn how to cut, break, and grind glass to fit to your design. All aspects of the mosaic process will be covered, from surface preparation to glass cutting, adhesives, grouting, and finishing. And it’s a great way to use up scrap glass! Students will have an assortment of projects to choose from, including table tops and wall hangings; costs will vary depending on surface and materials selected. A variety of patterns will be available for use, or students may create their own.





Reverse Glass Painting and Design with Cheryl Chapman

One 3½-day workshop.

We’re excited to welcome glass painter Cheryl Chapman back to the Weisser Studio! Take your glass art in a new and exciting direction.  Enamel painting on glass is a fun way to use clear glass to create unique, stunning and surprisingly detailed images.  Opaque glass enamels have a bright luminosity and reflective quality all their own.  Unlock the secrets to mixing Fusemaster high fire opaque enamels with both oil and water mediums, working in reverse, the texturing style of grisaille and the stages of applying colored enamels, layering glass and firing to a finished piece.  Cheryl will work with you on your personal imagery working from a sketch or photograph developing your design and finished project d over three and a half days using Cheryl’s multi-stage techniques to create your piece of art.  The focus of this class is on the technical skills so you will be able to take your knowledge home to develop your glass painting style.  Each student will complete a tile or bowl approx. 9” in diameter as well as practice pieces.

Student pieces created in Cheryl's workshop at Weisser Glass


Cheryl Chapman is the owner-artist of Silly Dog Art Glass Studio and enjoys creating pieces of art that convey realism mixed with a splash of whimsy. Cheryl currently divides her time between painting, spending time with her animals and husband and traveling. The Chapmans recently relocated to La Pine in central Oregon and look forward to what will inspire more art in this beautiful community.






Introduction to Laser Printed Decals

2½-hour workshop.

Laser printed decals are a fast and fabulous way to personalize and add photographic detail to your fused glass. Easy to produce on a black-and-white laser printer, you won’t believe what you can do with these decals! In this class, students will learn how to prepare their decals, what works best for decal imagery, and how to properly apply and fire decals. Each student will create a 5”x5” fused and slumped tile or plate with the decal imagery of their choice. Details on images students should bring with them will be provided prior to the class.





Photo-Resist Sandblasting

3-hour workshop. Previous sandblasting experience recommended.

Learn the basics of this versatile technique! Easily transfer detailed and photographic images to a sandblast resist for etching using a light-sensitive film. Image preparation, film exposure, and film application will be taught. Each student will make their own sample piece and see examples of other various ways to apply this process to glass creations. Note: students without prior Photoshop experience may wish to take the Printmaking Primer workshop prior to this class for more in-depth instruction on photo manipulation





Printmaking Primer-  Preparing Images for Use on Glass

2½-hour workshop.

The first step in most printing on glass techniques is learning how to turn drawings and photographs into usable images for print making.  In this workshop, we will guide you through the process, and teach you basic steps to manipulating images on a computer that will translate well into printmaking. Using Photoshop Elements- an easy-to-use, versatile photo editing program- you can achieve the formatting needed to use your own imagery and designs for sandblasting, silk screening, photo decals, and more. NOTE: While we use Elements in class, the techniques being taught can usually be applied to most photo-editing programs. This is an essential class for anyone wishing to explore imagery in their work or expand on the possibilities! Each student will have the opportunity to print three transparencies for future projects.





Fusing with Float and Recycled Glass with Nikki O'Neill

4-day workshop.

In Nikki's comprehensive float glass class students will learn all about the properties of window glass, plate glass and tempered glass and how to use these inexpensive (and sometimes free) materials to create beautiful fused glass art works in the kiln. Through a series of projects, students will learn how to cut thick glass, how to work with tempered glass, the nuances of firing window glass, how to add color, and ways to apply standard fusing techniques to using window glass. Students will explore multiple techniques, and there will be discussion of other methods with potential for fusing with float.





Project Plate Making: Strip Cut Construction

One 3½-hour workshop.

In this class, you will create a fused and slumped dish using the strip cut method of construction. You will learn how to design and fuse using strips of glass on edge, crafting beautiful bubble-free projects featuring crisp linear designs in your glass. Methods for cutting strips, how to fire, and various applications for strip cut construction will be demonstrated and discussed. The pieces pictured above are plates made by students in our last session.




Realism to Abstraction: Breaking Down and Zooming In
with Kari Minnick

Four-day workshop.

This accessible art class for kiln workers will be of interest to artists such as printmakers, painters, or anyone for whom visual expression in glass is desired. Starting with their own images, photos, clippings, etc., students will examine why certain imagery appeals to them, how to isolate the potency of the image, dissect, vary and ultimately move toward meaningful abstraction. Through drawings, paper cut outs and/or test pieces, students will plan a series of works and complete a project(s). Using Bullseye glass, frit, powder, and stringer, students will be introduced to processes that enable strong composition, rich surfaces and depth. Using multiple-firing processes, students will consider both sides of the glass as well as investigate surface texture.

Topics to be covered in class may include:

• Getting started: facing the blank “canvas”
• Realism, abstraction and points in between
• Composition and visual editing
• Theme and variation

While basic kiln practices will be touched upon, the focus of the class will be on the expressive use of the materials and creating glass art based on the students’ signature work. Prior glass experience is beneficial but not required. Artists of other media are encouraged to enroll.





Knitted Glass: Lost Wax Casting with Carol Milne

Carol Milne returns with an extended 5-day workshop to share her innovative technique for creating knitted glass sculptures. Along with teaching her knitted glass methods Carol will also teach students how to cast hands!

Carol takes lost wax casting in a new direction with her knitted glass sculptures. Students will learn how to work with wax strands and learn Carol's methods of knitting while making individual objects to cast. This class covers everything: wax-working, venting, mold-making, kiln schedules, and divesting. Carol will work with students individually to analyze each object, determining how best to get a successful casting. You don’t have to know how to knit!  The focus of this class will be on learning how to make successful thin or hollow glass castings with cut-outs or filigree openings in them.  Students will complete four cast pieces, and learn how to divest and finish their castings. Carol will also be giving students a lesson on casting hands! All levels are welcome- beginners should be prepared to be challenged.                                                                                                                                     





Stained Glass Weekend- Prairie Panels

1½ day workshop.

Learn the tricks and secrets to creating traditional Mission and Prairie-style leaded panels in this weekend crash course! Unlike a typical leaded panel, students will learn strip cutting and methods of cutting on jigs, enabling them to build their piece as they cut their glass. These techniques streamline the building process and help to create beautiful crisp, straight lines with minimal grinding and fitting. There will be a thorough review of the putty process, and students may have an opportunity to putty their panels, time permitting. Patterns will be provided, and there’s no need to purchase tools! Each student will complete a leaded panel approx 9”x12”.






Project Plate Making: Spring Floral

2½-hour workshop.

Let’s think spring!  In this class we use floral as the theme as we learn how to work with mosaic nippers to create detail and design.  Students will learn basic methods and tips to piece together their background layer, then design and add floral elements to create their own personal garden in glass. No experience necessary, a perfect class to share with friends and family!








Project Plate Making: Kiln Carving

2-hour workshop.

Explore working with fiber products to create imagery in fused glass! Kiln carving is a versatile way to bring depth and texture to your fused pieces. Working with various ceramic fiber papers, you can create relief and attain a variety of surface effects, shapes and patterns with only minimal glass cutting and fusing. Learn about the different ways this material can be used to expand your creative vocabulary and achieve stunning relief design. Each student will design and create an 8" x 8" fused and slumped kiln-carved plate.








Sand Mandalas in Glass with Warren Norgaard

3-day workshop.

Warren Norgaard returns to teach his immensely popular Mandala class, in an extended format! In this three-day workshop, students will learn how to use the ancient tools of Tibetan Monks to create personal mandala designs in glass. Design, use of both modern and traditional tools, and powder application will all be taught. Imagery selected can go beyond the mandala design with lots of potential. Students will create multiple pieces in class. Warren will also teach metal leaf application to the finished pieces, and students will have the opportunity to apply leaf, finish and mount their pieces for display. Each student will complete three mandalas.


Warren Norgaard is the founder of the popular Fused Glass Fanatics and Milkweed Art Glass Center in Phoenix Arizona. Warren has a busy studio practice where he teaches a multitude of kiln formed glass classes as well as creating one of a kind artworks for clients and collectors.







Glass Paperweights

Two-day workshop

In this exciting workshop, students will learn techniques similar to those used by glass blowers to create beautifully colored glass paperweights. Learn to gather glass on a punty from a crucible kiln, pick up color, shape and use special studio finishing techniques. Class size is limited to six students. Each student will have time to make three to four paperweights.







Valentine’s Create ‘n’ Bake

For creatives of all ages (under 12 must be accompanied by parent).

Create beautiful glass art with (or for!) your Valentine at our popular Create ‘n’ Bake workshop! Choose from multiple fusing projects; prices start at just $10.00.  We provide you with everything you need to create!  An ideal way to spend time with friends and family or just a great way to enjoy some quality hassle-free time in the studio being creative. Build as many as you like* and stay for the amount of time you need to finish your masterpiece. Please contact shop for project pricing details. Projects will require pickup on a later date.  Pre-registration and a $10.00 per person deposit are required to hold your space. *Fees based on projects, see store for additional details.






BYOB Experimental Workshop

Two-day workshop.

Our experimental BYOB class is offered just once a year.  Always evolving, this is the perfect after-the-holidays class as we teach you how to turn glass bottles into finished projects. Bring your own bottles (up to 9) to this class and explore fusing and recycling a different way! Get creative as you learn to turn empty bottles into finished projects. The class will start with basic information about firing and slumping bottles, using a bottle cutter and how to cut bottles on a saw. There will be a presentation with many images of project ideas as well as finished samples to view. Students select and plan projects and are encouraged to get experimental exploring ways to add decoration, texture and imagery. Some of the options include etching, painting and working with enamels.  Students also learn how to finish cut edges, use a variety of adhesives including HXtal, how to drill glass bottles and more.  You bring the bottles, we provide all the rest!











Project Plate Making: Dancing Squares

2½-hour workshop.

A great way to try your hand at fused glass, show family and friends how much fun glass art can be, or just a fun way to spend an afternoon with friends! Learn about the art of glass fusing while selecting from a wide range of color combinations to create your own custom Dancing Squares plate! Students will receive instruction, glass and other materials required to create their project; no need to purchase tools or materials. No previous experience is required- an excellent intro to the art of fusing!









Intro to Wearable Art: Fused Glass Jewelry

Two half-day sessions.

Discover the creative possibilities of fused glass for pendants! Students will create their own handmade fused elements, and learn to use assorted coldworking techniques to finish their pieces and create beautiful finished pieces of jewelry! Each student will leave class with a few finished pendants, and the skills to produce many more.









Holiday Stained Glass Ornaments

2½-hour class.

Learn to make quick and easy stained-glass ornaments that will brighten up any holiday decor! They make fantastic gifts and stocking stuffers (Need something for people at the office...?) No glass experience is necessary; students will learn the basics of glass cutting, lead caming, and soldering. it's a great way to try your hand at the art, and the techniques you'll learn can be applied to ornaments for any occasion! Each student will create two hanging ornaments.








Beveled Snowflakes

3-hour workshop.

The perfect little project when wintery weather is upon us! Learn to build beautiful, sparkling stained glass snowflakes using pre-cut bevels (they also make fantastic gifts and stocking stuffers)! Beveled snowflakes catch the light, are quick to build, and will add a little brightness to your day.  Many different designs can be achieved using readily available, standard sizes of bevels. Foiling tips and tricks, soldering, and wire reinforcement are taught.








Powder Plus H20

2½-day workshop.

In this class, we will explore two special effects that can be achieved in your fused glass by combining powder and water.  Learn to manipulate, move and form the glass in ways that cannot be achieved with dry powder alone. Students will learn methods and varieties of creating crackle patterns and learn how to work with glass slurrie for painterly and fluid effects in glass. Students will create sample tiles and two finished projects in class.







Working Deep - Cast Glass Blocks

1½- day workshop

Working in thick fused stacks of glass creates many unique opportunities to create a feeling of space in a finished piece. You will learn all about creating visual depth and how to use the placement of color imagery on multiple layers within the fused piece to maximize viewing impact. Students will build on their experience with fusing and will have a wide variety of sheet glass, frits, stringers and paints to work with. Learn how to use dams and stacking techniques to create a finished piece straight from the kiln, without the need to do extensive coldworking. Firing and annealing of deep blocks will be covered as well.







Glass Boxes and Pendants with Jeri Warhaftig

3-day workshop

In this three day workshop glass artist Jeri Warhaftig shares her techniques for creating amazing cast and etched glass boxes and pendants! Using pre-made Colour-de-Verre brand casting molds, students will learn all the steps to create their own cast and etched masterpieces. In the initial casting process, students will learn how to prep molds, determine the amount of glass needed, and proper firing methods. Once the castings are complete, Jeri will teach students her method of working with enamel coatings and students will design custom blasting stencils or use stencils provided by Jeri to impart detailed patterns and designs onto the lids. Jeri will also present her methods of using the Silhouette mask cutter to create fantastic and intricate sandblast resist designs.  Knob options for box tops will be discussed and students have the option to attach a custom designed knob as well.  Each student will create 2 boxes, and a handful of cabochons to use as pendants or knobs.



Instructor Jeri Warhaftig is a glass artist, author, and teacher. She is a long-time member of the International Society of Glass Beadmakers and has been making beads for almost 15 years.  Her work appeared as a finalist in the Bead Dreams Competition in 2004 and 2005. She has taught at many nationally known venues such as the Bead and Button Show, Glass Craft and Bead Expo, and many smaller studios and workshops. She has written for many major publications- most recently The Flow- and authored two books, "Glass Bead Workshop" (2008) and "Creating Glass Beads" (2011).







Extreme Stained Glass with Sharon Moffitt

1½- day workshop. Previous stained-glass experience required.

This is not your grandmother’s stained glass; we’re taking it outside the box (or rather the panel) in this course! Take your stained glass to a whole new creative level; explore non-traditional stained-glass assembly techniques and alternative design and construction methods like free-form, “satellite”, and multi-layered, all while maintaining the overall aesthetic and structural integrity of the piece. You will also learn to create unique glass elements to incorporate like sandblasting designs onto flash glass and creating fused glass components in a small table top kiln for added fun and funky details. Learn how to incorporate non-traditional materials into your work as well. Students will create an experimental flat or 3D stained glass piece of their own design, and leave class with the knowledge required to continue their exploration on their own. Come see just how fun spontaneous stained glass creations can be.







Layering a Landscape with Alice Benvie-Gebhart

3-day workshop.

Weisser Glass welcomes master glass artist Alice Benvie-Gebhart to the studio. Alice will teach students her unique, innovative and beautiful techniques of layering glass, creating landscapes with incredible space, depth and perspective. Students will gain invaluable insight into how painters and printmaking artists use design elements to create space and depth.

Students will complete two 6” x 8” wall art pieces- a landscape and seascape- that will inspire viewers to "look into" their work. Students will learn how to add texture and detailed elements to their work using sheet glass, powder wafers, glass gold, and black fired paints. Alice will lead students on a path exploring the unique effects and unlimited possibilities that these materials can add to their creations.

The workshop will also cover strategies and techniques for displaying work, with the goal of keeping the translucence of the glass even though it is being displayed on a wall.







Glass Camp- Fused Glass    
Ages 12-18


Five half-day classes

Give your child the opportunity to explore the amazing medium of fused glass! Students will work hands-on with the material, learning the art and science of kilnformed glass through a series of lessons and projects designed to spark their imagination and creativity. Artistic assignments will spark students’ interest while illustrating the different principles and techniques unique to the glass fusing process. Learning to cut and work with the material in its cold form, students will see their projects through from the design, through the firing process, to the finished project. Weisser Glass creates a fun and encouraging environment to explore creativity and expression for students of all levels and experience.








Working with Hxtal Glue


One 2-hour workshop.

HXtal is an archival epoxy that surpasses all other adhesives commonly available for gluing and laminating glass and other non-porous materials. Long used in the antiques and art restoration fields, it is an excellent means to achieve results only possible with “cold fusion”.  It dries optically clear, and will not deteriorate or degrade over time. Really the only adhesive capable of securing pieces of glass edge-to-edge, that’s only the beginning of what it can do; you can patch flaws and holes in glass, laminate pieces together, attach hanging hardware and even coldwork the glue after curing.  Various applications of the glue will be demonstrated and discussed, as well as the proper way to mix the HXtal, prepare the surfaces to be joined, and ways to secure the pieces during the curing process. Students will have the opportunity to mix HXtal and glue scrap glass to get hands on experience with the process.





Glass Is Your Canvas: 7 Image Techniques for Printing on Glass
with Gail Stouffer


One 4-day workshop.

Gail Stouffer returns to Weisser Glass to teach her distinctive style of imagery in glass! In this crash course about printing on glass, the class focus will be on layering imagery, allowing students to build visual richness and depth in their pieces; each layer applied can create a fabric-like background that allows additional central images to float in the foreground.

Students will work with glass enamels, glass paints, glass powders, micas, stencil cutters, frisket and specialty films. Gail will cover the following methods for applying images to glass: screen printing, airbrushing, photo resists, powder printing, custom decals, direct painting, and masking and stenciling. This range of techniques will give students a comprehensive set of tools to express themselves visually using a wide range of images and sources. There will be lots of discussion about when and why one would select one process over another.

Students will create six sample tiles as well as two complete works, highlighting their own personal history, focusing on childhood and love. Each piece will consist of patterns, colors, and textures, overlaid with images of persons, places, and things.  Students will also mount their finished pieces for hanging.






Project Plate Making- Floral Wreath

2½-hour workshop.

Celebrate summer by creating your own festive floral plate! Learn more about fusing, or just spend a fun afternoon with friends in this project based class. Students will receive instruction, glass and materials needed to put together their very own Floral Wreath plate. A great way to try your hand at fused glass, or to show family and friends how much fun glass art can be!






Kilnformed Glass Boxes with Alyssa Oxley

4-day workshop.

In this 4-day class, explore two methods of constructing kilnformed boxes with lids. Cutting sheet glass into strips and stacks and using forms and fiber papers each student will create two boxes, one rectangular, one cylindrical, and the lids to go with each. By creating a recess in the lids, we have the opportunity to showcase a special piece of glass or a pattern bar we will also make.

Coldworking will be integral to our work and give the finish it deserves.

Reliable glass cutting skills are all that is needed.

Alyssa Oxley has been working with kilnformed and cast glass for about 18 years. She has experience in commercial art, interior and graphic design and despite her paying jobs, has always maintained an active, independent fine art studio of her own.

Her current work in glass is strongly driven by time spent outside. Along Otter Creek near her home in Vermont, walking the school campus abutting her property, or wherever life takes her. Oxley currently teaches kilnforming glass classes at South End Glass at Davis Studio in South Burlington, and summer intensives in places like the Corning Museum of Glass Studio, and Helios Glass Studio.

More of Alyssa's work and her CV are available on her website:






Corallite Creations Part II: Forming with Powder, Molds, and Flame
with guest instructor Nikki O’Neill


Four ½-day sessions.

Build on the techniques learned in the Corallite Creations workshop, and learn to make multi-component sculptural vessels and glass jewelry that suggest the rich colors and forms of coral reef creatures. Students will further explore dry and wet powder techniques, using them to create open spaces and fissures for large and small pieces. Flame worked components made from stringers and glass strips will be strategically fired and slumped to make new anemone-like forms.  Students will then learn to assemble their component creations to design uniquely interesting, beautiful, and colorful imaginary sea life sculptures!








Mother’s Day Create ‘n’ Bake

For creatives of all ages (under 12 must be accompanied by parent).

We’ve expanded on our popular Make ‘n’ Bake class providing you with more project options!  Choose from six different fusing projects; prices start at just $10.00.  We provide you with everything you need to create fused glass ornaments, suncatchers, plates, votives, bowls and coasters.  An ideal way to spend time with friends and family or just a great way to enjoy some quality hassle free time in the studio being creative. Join us at ANY TIME during the session; you are not required to be here the entire time. Build as many as you like*! Please contact shop for project pricing details. Projects will require pickup on a later date.  Pre-registration and a $10.00 per person deposit are required to hold your space in class. *Fees based on projects, see store for additional details.








Vitrograph- Stringers and Canes From the Kiln

Two half-day classes. No previous experience required. All levels welcome!

Come experience the joy of forming hot glass right from the kiln! In this hands-on class you will learn all about vitrograph making including kiln set up, how to load the glass how to pull and spin stringer and how to make twisty canes all from Bullseye fusible 90 COE glass.  Whether you’re a vitrograph first timer or an experienced maker, you will pull lots of vitro and take home a great big goodie bag of stringers and canes to use on future products.  When you arrive on day one, the pots will be loaded and ready to go and you will experience the making of the stringers and canes.  You will then work in teams to make your own pots of glass that will be pulled on day two. All the pulled stringer will be divided up between the students to take home. All levels welcome!





Corallite Creations: Forming with Powder
with guest instructor Nikki O’Neill


Four half-day sessions

In this workshop Nikki will reveal her methods of layering and manipulating dry powder to create organic forms suggestive of underwater sea life. Gain an understanding of how heat and surface tension work together with powder placement resulting in coral-like structure. The effects achieved are highly dependent on several variables that will be discussed and taught in class. Everything you need to know about firing, finishing, and hanging your pieces will be covered in this class.





Iridescent Effects, Part 1: Irid to Irid

Two half-day sessions.

In this class, students will explore one of the many ways to utilize iridescent glass to create stunning special effects. Harnessing unique surface characteristics, students will learn to combine iridized glass with sandblasting techniques to create dynamic and graphic imagery in their fused projects. Students will receive a thorough introduction to working with sandblasting equipment, as well as lots of helpful information about fusing with iridescent glass in general. A great intermediate fusing class, or for anyone who wants to expand their glass vocabulary.






Reactive Glass Series

Explore the reactive potential of Bullseye glass and learn the many ways to utilize the special effects that can be achieved in your fused glass creations.  Offered as 3 separate workshops, these classes are designed to enhance your understanding of reactions and design potential. 


Reactive Glass Sampler

One-day workshop.

This one-day workshop is highly recommended for those interested in exploring the reactive potential and qualities of Bullseye glass.  After an initial discussion of reactions, students will begin creating a set of reference tiles that will be invaluable in seeing the types and probability for specific glasses to react.  With a huge selection of colors, and organized approach, students will create a collection of reference tiles that would be daunting to create on their own.  These sample tiles will remain extremely useful as a design tool for your own studio work exploring reactions.




Reactive Color Families & Special Effects

One 2-day workshop.

In this workshop students build on their basic understanding of reactive families and explore creative ways to put this knowledge to work.  We will start by looking at a large selection of samples and discussion will lead to how individuals might maximize the reactive potential in glass. Students will move forward through the class creating a series of projects and have the opportunity to explore their specific interest using a wide selection of sheet glass, frits and stringers. 




Reactive Glass Alchemy

One 2-day workshop.

In this workshop we will explore the latest developments in reactive glasses exploring a series of glasses that react with silver. Bronze, Gold, Ice and Luster Glass all have unique reactions when silver is introduced.  We will also explore silver fuming for creating special effects. Samples and a finished project will be created.








2-hour workshop.

Have fun with your friends and family creating your own 5” x 5” fused and slumped glass plate! Work in a group, or on individual plates; your price is per project (upgrade to an 8”x8” is available). A great way to play with the fantastic art of glass fusing while you create a personalized project!  Projects will require pickup on a later date.





Hot Stuff- Meltdown

Two-day class.

We turn up the heat in this fun and exciting class. In this class learn how to create vitrograph stringers canes and murrines.  You will learn about loading, designing and creating variations in line quality as you pull and manipulate the glass as it flows from the kiln. We will also create pot drops, discussing many variations on melt downs that can be applied and achieved with various kiln set-ups.  Focus on selection and placement of color and review of samples and firing schedules for various effects.





Pattern Bars for Kiln Work

Two-day workshop

Pattern bars are a fun way to create interesting patterns in fused glass. In this class we will explore various methods for creating them from simple to more complex. Explore planning your designs, methods of stacking, damming, molding and thinking outside the box for advanced and unique variations. You will also learn how to cut the bars and explore various ways to construct and design with pattern bar slices. This class is great for both the first time pattern bar maker as well as the student that would like to explore more pattern bar making options. After creating several styles of pattern bars students will have the opportunity to construct and fire a finished piece.





Creating Form: Making Molds

Two-day class

Learn how to create your own unique forms for slumping in the kiln.  In this class you will work with a variety of materials including clay, metal and fiber products to create your own molds for slumping.  You will learn how to handle and work these various materials, their pros and cons and how to select the best material and method for your desired result. We will also experiment with ways to alter existing molds for further variety. Your work will stand out from the crowd when you create your own original forms. Each student will create at least three molds to take home. Detailed firing instructions provided as well.






Dazzling Dichroic Glass Earrings

Three 3-hour sessions.

Learn to create gorgeous glass earrings. We teach you how to set up, cut, fire, wire and polish in this workshop. A favorite gift and popular item to sell at any craft show, we give you tips and tricks to make professionally finished wearable art.





Sculptural Imagery; Printmaking in Glass
with Gail Stouffer

Three-day workshop

Take your fused glass beyond the bowl! It’s time to create light catching sculpture that touches the heart and communicates to the soul. It doesn’t matter if you’re going for a loose abstract design or a strictly photographic image, you’ll learn how to make it happen in this exciting new workshop! Each new skill and technique can be applied to small work as well as larger projects, making this a “don’t miss” class!

The focus of this workshop is on the development and printing of images in tall, transparent, glass sculptures. Students will learn a high-tech, “no-fuss” modern screen-printing technique that is attainable in any studio. We’ll work with photo manipulation software, perfect paint (Color Line Paints) and powder (Bullseye Glass) applications, and apply direct painting techniques to our imagery on multiple layers of glass. The image layers will then be fired, stacked, and fired again to create tall thick slabs of transparent glass. The slabs will then be cut, ground, polished and mounted. Students will become skilled at preparing personalized images, creating their own screens, layering images, and mastering the firing schedules that deliver success, plus effective kiln casting and cold working techniques. Each student will cut, grind and polish their pieces, and learn how to create and mount their base pieces. As an added bonus, students will experience a second project utilizing our same screens for power printing! Some fusing experience is necessary to participate, but advanced skills are not required to be successful!






Stained Glass Picture Frame & Photo Box

Two-day workshop. All levels welcome!

Everyone’s storing their pictures digitally these days, but how do you find your best photos when you need them? Create a treasured photo box for yourself or as a very special gift.  Students will each build a stained glass box to hold favorite photos.  The picture frame lid makes it easy to display your favorite 3.5 ” x 5 ” photo. Students will learn about box construction, lid and base assembly, and hinge construction. Plus each student will create a free standing frame to hold a 5” x 7” photo. Both make wonderful gifts for weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, and much more. There will be discussion of other design options for these popular gifts.





Sandblasting Basics for Fusers

2-hour workshop

In this class you will learn how to use basic sandblasting to enhance and repair your fused glass creations. Along with learning about sandblasting equipment, methods, safety and various blast materials, there will be a thorough discussion on firing for various effects.  Students will practice sandblasting. Students completing the course will be able to rent sandblasting time as needed.





Working with Frits and Powders- Level One

1½-day class.

In this class you learn how to work with frits (crushed glass and powders) in a multitude of ways.  From application to effects, you will learn about the properties and many ways to use various sizes of frit to enhance and create new potential in your fused glass work. Sifting, stencils, sgraffito, starry night and cold combing are just some of the techniques you will learn. Students will create many reference sample tiles and compose a layered landscape piece as a final project.





On the Edge- Strip Cut Creations

Three ½-day classes

Strip cut construction is a versatile way to set up fusible glass for dynamic design effects. As an alternative to layering glass, strip cutting offers both unique linear qualities and bubble free fusing.  We will cover methods for cutting perfect strips, damming, firing, and applications for strip cut fusing. Finishing of the pieces will be discussed and demonstrated, and students will have the option to practice these techniques.  Each student will create samples and an 8” x 8” finished project.






Frit Painting on Edge

Three ½-day classes.

In this workshop you will learn how to create poured frit paintings as introduced by David Alcala. Different than the standard approach to fusing with frits in this class you will work vertically, pouring frit between layers of glass in the style of creating sand art.  Before his sudden passing, David created thousands of landscapes with both sand and glass, but his innovative method could also be used to create fabulous patterns, designer glass, and a different kind of pattern bar as well.  As a regular guest instructor at the Weisser Studio David was a joy to work with and learn from.  This really is a new direction in glass fusing, and with Claudia Alcala’s blessing I am happy to share David’s innovative approach with you.

“We are each like a grain of sand,
Washed upon this shore by a vast and restless sea,
So for now let us rejoice under the sun,
For tomorrow we know not where we will be.”
- David Alcala





New Pâte-de-Vérre: Working with an Old Tradition Through an Experimental Lens
with Anna Mlasowsky

5-Day master class.

In this class you will learn to break tradition and conventional casting methods learning to sculpt with glass powders to create hollow objects & structures in the kiln. This class will focus on alternative mold materials, which will allow for creating more complex forms than are attainable using traditional plaster/silica molds. We will diverge onto experimental paths to explore the sculpting potential of glass powder to create complex three-dimensional forms. Students will work with assembling techniques to combine prefabricated components, as well as the creation of singular objects. Alongside the hands-on studio work we will discuss glass binders, support materials for firing and firing cycles to optimize results.

Born in 1984 in Germany, Anna Mlasowsky received her BA from the Royal Danish Academy of Arts in 2011. She has been an artist in residence at the Creative Glass Center, the Toyama City Institute of Glass Art in Japan, the Corning Museum of Glass, Pittsburgh Glass Center and the National University of Sunderland, to name a few. Her work has been shown internationally and is included in museum collections such as the Corning Museum of Glass and the European Museum of Modern Glass Art. She won the Otto Wladrich Prize and the Emerge Silver Award in 2014 as well as the TAG Grant from the Glass art Society.






The above student projects were completed during Peter's Level 1 class, August 2015!


Two workshops are offered: Level 1 for first timers with Peter, and Level 2 Advanced for taking it to the next level!


LEVEL 1- Glass Painting and Vitri-Fusáille® Techniques with Peter McGrain

Four-day workshop

Weisser Glass is delighted to bring back renowned glass artist Peter McGrain to the studio in August 2016 to teach his unique methods of painting on glass! This class is open to ALL LEVELS of both stained glass and fused glass artists. Experienced artists are also welcome to broaden their existing skills. Don't miss this rare opportunity to study with Peter.

Peter McGrain has been a leader in the field of both traditional and non-traditional methods of glass painting for decades. In this workshop, Peter will introduce students to the techniques and materials involved in traditional glass painting, as well as his innovative Vitri-Fusáille® technique.

Glass painting is a great skill for any glass artist interested in achieving greater visual sophistication in their work. This class offers a comprehensive introduction into the various aspects of genuine glass painting techniques, including the use of traditional glass stainers’ paints, silver stains, and kiln-fired enamels. Topics include a historical overview of applications and techniques, material types, and their sources. Peter places an emphasis on the techniques of tracing, matting, stippling, controlling hardness, application alternatives, studio setup and more, to provide even the most inexperienced student with a comprehensive knowledge of the medium.

Furthermore students will learn Peter's Vitri-Fusáille® process, a method he developed that combines fusing and painting. It is characterized by a degree of expressive, color saturated, illustrational imagery which cannot be found in other glass formats which utilize these processes. It allows the artist an opportunity to create vivid imagery in glass without being confined by the traditional presence of interfering lead lines or fragmented compositions.
Budel Chair, Peter McGrain

Wrong Tree, Peter McGrain

Peter McGrain

LEVEL 2- Advanced Glass Painting and Vitri-Fusáille® Techniques
PREREQUISITE:  Level 1  Glass Painting and Vitri-Fusáille® Techniques

Three-day workshop

This class is for anybody who has already attended Peter’s hands-on introductory or Level 1 workshop. Students will explore more advanced applications of the painting and Vitri-Fusáille® techniques. Special attention will be placed on creating highly sophisticated artwork of specific interest to each student. Additional attention will be paid to working with enamels and traditional paints.

This is an excellent opportunity for students who have been experimenting with the fundamental techniques on their own to explore directions and issues which have emerged to be of special concern in the work they are specifically interested in creating. Since no time will be spent on teaching fundamentals, there will be muchmore time to focus on creative design with much more personal attention, feedback and critique from the instructor. Students attending the preceding 4 day introductory session are welcome to attend this advanced session as a follow-up.

Peter McGrain has been working with glass for over 35 years. During this time he has handled every type of stained glass project imaginable; ranging in scope from intimate experimental panels to large-scale architectural installations. In all, it has been his attention to composition and technique that have made his imagery so successful. Peter is a contributing writer for GLASS ART and GLASS CRAFTSMAN magazines and frequently travels, offering visiting artist workshops. He currently maintains an independent studio where he creates his own experimental work, as well as architectural commissions for his clients throughout the US and abroad. His series of instructional glass painting videos have gained vast popularity throughout art glass industry.





The Art of the Slump

One 2-hour lecture demo.

One of the most basic of the kiln forming processes, slumping glass can be very complex due to the huge variety of forms. In this lecture Nancy Weisser will share her experience explaining firing theory as it applies to a multitude of slumping molds and techniques. Students will see a variety of ways and materials that can be utilized to make their own slumping and draping molds, and ideas for modifying and thinking outside the box when it comes to using ready-made mold. This is the perfect companion class to the Fire Up lecture!





Metal Framing for Fusers


Learn to create metal frames for your fused glass pieces. Metal frames create a finished, professional look for your fused glass, and will enable your pieces to be hung easily. You will learn how to cut and solder the metal came- common in stained glass work- and add hangers for display. You will also learn how to create various colored finishes on your metals using patinas. Materials, tools, and techniques will all be covered in this workshop- no previous stained glass experience is required!








Mastering the Art of Copper Foil: Fitting, Foiling, & Soldering
with Sharon Moffitt

One-day workshop. Previous copper foil experience required.

Having trouble getting your foil pieces to fit perfectly? Do you end up with gaps and wide seams because of poorly fitting pieces? In this class, we will address the most common issues that arise during the construction of copper foil projects. Proper grinding, fitting, soldering tips and technique, as well as trouble-shooting of the assembly process, will all be covered. Students will work with a provided practice pattern, refining their fitting, foiling, and soldering techniques to improve the overall quality of their work. 

All students will work with the same pattern, so we can focus as a group on the fabrication issues that arise (you will be sent the pattern prior to class, so you can bring glass from home if you wish).






Weekday Beyond Beginner Fusers’ Club

Four 2-hour classes.

Want to continue your exploration of kiln formed glass? In this open-studio style workshop you can continue working on projects under the supervision of an experienced instructor. You choose your projects. Each student will get one firing each week included in the fee. *Firings cannot be carried over from week to week and are not transferable. Additional firings can be purchased for a fee.


Mosaic Grout Camp with Bonnie Fitzgerald

One 3½ hour workshop.

Grouting a completed mosaic can be intimidating. Grout impacts the appearance of your art, it can appear tricky to mix, installation criteria must be taken into account, and there are so many choices of grouts and assorted additives your head may spin. In this workshop you will learn priceless grouting tips and techniques.

We will discuss and DEMONSTRATE different grout types, additives, colorants, safety and environmental issues, cleaning and sealing and multicolor grouting. There are many techniques to “fix” a grout disaster and tricks and techniques will be shown.

Students are encouraged to bring an un-grouted mosaic to complete during the workshop, or a piece that they have grouted and aren't pleased with the results.  Instructor will provide un-grouted mosaics for students to experiment with

This is a fantastic workshop to learn how to successfully grout mosaic art confidently and independently. Terrific handout for future reference included. Workshop fee INCLUDES grout for up to a 4 square foot mosaic.  Students need to bring protective mask, latex gloves, 2-3 plastic deli containers and a cello sponge.






Garden Charms

Two 2½-hour classes. NO EXPERIENCE NECESSARY!

This class is perfect for students of all ages*! Create a beautiful garden charm out of fused glass, beads, and wire. On day one you will construct three glass tiles that will be wired together on day two. Excellent for teachers looking for fun glass projects to incorporate into their curriculum. *Students under the age of 12 must be accompanied by an adult.





Creating Dimension in Glass with Paul Messink

Want to create thick glass panels that have great dimension and depth? Paul will reveal his process for creating spatial landscapes in glass.

In this 3-day class, students will learn how to apply enamel to glass layers, and then stack and fuse these layers into solid panels. Topics covered include design and image selection, layout, discussion of enamels and how they respond to fusing temperatures, painting medium, how to mix and apply enamels, fusing schedules, bubble control, kiln loading instructions, and finishing techniques. Although drawing and painting experience is helpful, it is not required.

This year’s expanded curriculum will include an exploration of various colored enamels, a larger project format and the opportunity for students to begin a third piece that they can take home and fire (two are completed during the class.). Information on image selection and guidelines will be provided prior to class.

Top row: images by Paul Messink
Second row: images samples of student's work






Intro to Torchwork for Fusers

One 3-hour workshop.

Learn to use a torch to create beautiful and unique elements for your fused glass pieces. The use of torch allows you create fluid lines, color blends and elements not attainable using other methods. Techniques shown in class can be applied to most COEs, depending on which fusible brand you use, so they are suitable for all fusers.







Pop Art Portraits in Glass

Four half-day sessions.

In this class you will create a pop art Andy Warhol-style portrait using glass frits. After learning how to work and posterize an image of your choice you will next learn how to translate your image to glass.  Students will make color studies and samples and learn to blend custom colors to interpret and recreate their personal image. This method could be used to produce other imagery as well, such as landscapes.






Strip Cutting A-Z

One 1½ hour workshop.

Master the art of strip cutting! Cutting strips of glass is a critical technique to learn, no matter what kind of glass art you do; it’s a crucial foundation skill that many glass artists have a hard time mastering. Class will cover what strip cutting is, how it applies to your practice and ways to become proficient at it. In the workshop, you will learn various methods and strategies for cutting strips from narrow to wide, for projects like strip-cut construction, borders and stripes, base pieces, jewelry and more. A wide variety of tools from basic to sophisticated will be demonstrated, and students will have the opportunity to try them out. Stop wasting glass, and discover the joy of perfect strips every time!





Kiln Forming- Out of Square with Emma Varga

New expanded curriculum.

Five-day master class

During this class, Emma will introduce students to her original method of fusing and casting multiple layers of glass, which she has been exploring and developing, with great success, for the last 15 years. Her innovative approach starts with multiple layers of thin glass sheets composed of tiny mosaic-like elements, ultimately achieving three-dimensional images inside the transparent fused/cast sculptural object.

New this year Emma will also cover her methods for creating sculptural and dimensional pate de verre works. Students will have the opportunity to learn all of Emma's recent discoveries and methods in her unique way of creating large objects that are created with many small pate de verre elements. Students may choose to explore this direction as well.

We have hosted Emma in the past and found her to be very giving and willing to share information and we encourage students to review her massive portfolio of work so they may be prepared to learn as much as possible in this five day intensive workshop. During the course, students will have access to Emma’s extensive digital gallery on her laptop including images of recent work as well as close-ups revealing fine details on layers inside the glass object.

This class will focus on a new way of three-dimensional thinking; on using properties of glass to achieve visual effects as well as to achieve sense of movement within cast glass. Additionally, students will receive basic information about grinding and polishing 3-D glass objects, adhesives, mounting and display. Emma will also discuss her personal studio practice, strategies for exhibiting work and her newest directions in kiln forming.

Emma Varga was born in Ada, Yugoslavia, in 1952.   She graduated from the University of Applied Arts in Belgrade, Yugoslavia in 1975 earning a bachelor of arts degree in visual & applied art, with majors in glass design and ceramic sculpture. Her work has been heavily influenced all along by her environment and experiences, which have, ironically, served as the catalyst for both dramatic change (in tone and feel), and stabilization (in process, style and focus) of her work over the past 20 years. Political unrest within her home country led the artist to immigrate to Australia in 1995, a move which enabled the true blossoming of her work and the development of both her own signature process and style.





Casting the Landscape:
Introduction to Pate-de-Verre with Gayla Lee

Two-day workshop.

The pate-de-verre method of casting is a way to carefully control the placement of color in a dimensional and sculptural glass form. In this class you will learn to work with clay as a modeling material to create a landscape tile that will be turned into glass. This is perfect introduction into glass casting or a different approach to those that have done other forms of casting. Students learn modeling, moldmaking and how to create colored glass paste to pack in the mold in a controlled manner. The result will be a dimensional landscape panel approximately 5” x 7”.

Vessel pictured represents student project.

The Art of the Deep Formed Vessel
Instructor: Nancy Weisser

Creating a deep formed vessel is a multi-step process with a minimum of four firings. Different from a drop out vessel, there is no stretching of the glass; instead controlled heating, sizing and manipulation work to compress the glass into its final distinct form. Nancy Weisser is introducing a series of condensed lessons for this process; students will learn the entire technique in eight separate two hour lessons. Working with a small group eliminates the need to have long continuous days to learn, making the lessons more streamlined, individualized and economical.

Enamel Sampler

One full day class.

Are you confused by all the fire on paints on the market? Hi-fire, low-fire, stain , enamels and premixed colors? With so many brands on the market, how do you decide on what you need? In this sampler workshop we will discuss the various paints and their suitable applications. Then we will systematically create a group of samples that are clearly labeled and will serve as reference for your personal studio work. Paints available for testing will be: Ferro, Reusche, Glassline , Colorline, Fusemaster and Unique.




Easy Screen Printing

One full day class.

In this class we will explore screen printing the easy way. Using light sensitive film that is pre-coated you learn how quickly you can turn your ideas into finished pieces. You will learn about choosing and mixing enamels, how to create imagery suitable for screening, how to burn the screens and how to apply and fire the paint. As a bonus you will also see how these easy screens can be used for powder printing on glass! Along with hands on screen printing you will have the opportunity to use your own image to create a screen to keep. Screens can be used over and over again. This technique is great for both fused and stained glass applications.



with Amanda Taylor

In this 4 day innovative workshop, students will focus on how to design, create, and cold work drop out vessel forms successfully. Amanda Taylor has much experience with creating drop forms that result in a unique appearance similar to a blown vessel. You will gain a thorough understanding of how to design drop out forms and how all the variables of the slump including heat, time, mass, viscosity, color and opacity impact the final form. Students will have the opportunity to learn cold working and finishing as well. Each student will have the opportunity to create several vessels while exploring various designs and finishes.



Between the Layers: Art of Inclusions with Gayla Lee

Two-day workshop.

In this two day class you will explore a variety of non-glass materials that can be sandwiched and fused successfully between layers of glass. You will start by creating some samples using various materials like metals, fiber, paper, mica and more. Then you will create a finished piece using the information you gain from your samples. There will also be a thorough discussion of firings and finishing.





Summer Open Studio-

2½ hour session

Take advantage of our open studio sessions to work on new or in-progress projects. In these supervised sessions you can work on stained, fused or mosaic projects and get advice from a studio staff member. Table space and use of tabletop grinders are included. * standard firing.



Fusing with Canes and Murrine with Gayla Lee

One-day workshop.

Gayla Lee, the creator of our handmade 90 COE canes and murrine, will be teaching a one-day workshop here at Weisser Studio on ways you can use canes and murrine to enhance your fused glass creations. Students will create several sample tiles as well as a small finished fused and slumped plate. Gayla will also show images of how the canes are made.







Cold-Fusion Glass Boxes

Two 3-hour classes. s

You’ve seen them here at Weisser- “cold-fused” glass boxes are both beautiful and useful! They make lovely gifts, and can be made in almost any size or proportion.  Using HXtal epoxy resin and cold glass paints, students will cut, assemble, and decorate their own lidded glass box. This class is also an excellent opportunity to learn the basics of HXtal (an advanced adhesive for glass to glass applications), as well as precision cutting with the Morton Portable Glass Shop!



Mosaics in Glass

One 1½- day workshop

Learn all about making mosaics with stained glass in this class. This versatile technique can be applied to many different surfaces and mediums. Glass cutting, pattern transfer, adhesives and grouting will all be taught. Students select project, either a table top or wall hanging.



Introduction to Recycled Glass – Fusing with Float

2-day class

Instructor Nikki O’Neill will introduce students to the concepts of fusing with window glass and recycled glass.  Through a series of projects you will learn how to work with float and tempered glass, and how firing this type of glass differs from standard fusible glass. Topics covered include firing schedules, types of glass, color options and discussion of various ways to create with this material.





Beveled Snowflakes

One 3-hour workshop. ALL LEVELS WELCOME!

Learn to build beautiful, sparkling stained glass snowflakes using pre-cut bevels! Beveled snowflakes catch the light, are quick to build, and make excellent gifts that can hang all winter. Many different designs can be achieved using readily available, standard sizes of bevels.



Holiday Stained Glass Ornaments

2 1/2 hour workshop

Learn to make quick and easy stained glass ornaments that will brighten up any holiday decor! They make fantastic gifts and stocking stuffers (Need something for people at the office...?) No stained glass experience is necessary; it's a great way to try your hand at the art, and the techniques you'll learn can be applied to ornaments for any occasion. Each student will create two hanging ornaments.




Screen printing with Powder and Paint

Two-day workshop

Learn screen printing and the many ways to use this process to print on glass in a variety of ways.  Not only will you learn how to burn your own screens, but you will learn both powder printing as well as printing with glass enamels.  A very thorough class that covers making screens, preparing images for creating screens, how to print with both powder and paint and discussion of ideas and ways to use screen printing in glass work.  You will have the opportunity to make your own screen with personal images and take it home with you.



Intro to Glass Casting

Weekend workshop.

In this class you will be introduced to the methods of casting glass in a kiln.  Casting is one way of creating three dimensional objects with glass.  We will cover loads of information about method, types of casting, and firing.  Topics will include models, materials, investment, design and process.  Each student will create one open faced casting from beginning to end as well as learning to work with ready-made molds and how these methods differ.




Designer Dichroic Jewelry- Etching and Engraving

Two-day workshop.

Take your fused glass jewelry to another level when you learn to etch and engrave glass to add intricate design and detail. Create your own patterned dichroic,
personalize and add imagery with several methods you will learn in class.



Reactions in Glass- The Basics

One-day workshop.

Explore the possibilities of the reactive nature of fusible glass, and learn how to use or avoid them.  Part of the science of glass is that certain color combinations react with one another resulting in unexpected but often beautiful interfacing color where the two touch. Gain an understanding of how, why and when reactions happen, what happens in the firing process, and see samples and images of the many unique qualities that can be produced.  In this class you will create a series of small reference tiles to help you better understand and predict the many ways you can use reactions to enhance your work.



Blown Ornaments II

One 2-hour workshop. Students must have taken the Blown Ornaments workshop previously.

Expand on the techniques learned in the Blown Ornament workshop! In this class we will explore different types of surface decoration for your ornaments. Each student will have the opportunity to make up to eight blown ornaments.


OPEN TORCH Studio Session         

One 2 and 1/2 hour session.
Previous torch experience required.

In this torch session you can come and practice what you have learned in any of our torch based classes. Work on beadmaking, blown ornaments or make torch worked parts for your fused glass projects. You can use our torches tools and other equipment as needed. Students provide their own glass.




Hot Glass Flowers          

Two 3-hour classes

Learn to make beautiful sculptural flowers using techniques similar to those of glass blowing, but on a smaller scale! In a table-top furnace, we will create gorgeous full-color glass flowers using pre-fired fused glass blanks. You’ll be creating your own garden in no time!



Hot Stuff-Meltdown

One and one half day workshop.

We turn up the heat in this fun and exciting class. Work with high temperatures to get the glass flowing as you learn to create new and exciting elements while exploring new processes for your fused glass work. In this class you will learn to work with hot glass, in and out of the kiln including making pot drops, doing glass combing, making vitrograph stringer and making frit (the easy way) from scrap glass.



Handmade Tiffany reproduction lampshade, courtesy
of Jenny Hanley- Palmer, Odyssey Systems

Tiffany Lamp Making- Instructor Nikki O'Neil

Five 2-hour sessions

A new approach- students of all levels interested in creating a true Tiffany style lamp (or completing one they have started) are invited to join us to learn the ins and outs, receive guidance and construction advice. Students will use the Odyssey mold system, with many different shade designs to choose from. Lessons will be based on students’ interest and project status. Monthly sessions allow plenty of work time between classes for homework!


Formed By Hand  with Nancy Weisser

Two day workshop

In this class we will get completely hands on with hot glass. We will explore several new approaches to the vitrograph kiln to create canes, ribbons and latticino. We will also learn ways to form hot glass straight from the kiln to impart subtle folds and bends not possible on a mold. Students will also create a hand formed pattern bar roll up. This is a class designed to expand your creative horizons and open your eyes to new possibilities!


Designer Glass: Pattern Sheets for Fusing

One 1½-day workshop.

This is the perfect intermediate fusing class intended to expand your glass vocabulary.In this class you will explore making part sheets that you will design yourself using several techniques while exploring working with powder, frit, stringers and confetti.These part sheets can then be cut and assembled into a finished glass plate, bowl or panel on day two.



Kiln Carving

One 3-hour workshop

Kiln carving is a versatile way to bring depth and texture to your fused pieces. Working with ceramic fiber paper, you can create relief, imagery, and achieve a variety of surface effects. Learn about the different ways this material can be used to expand your creative vocabulary. Each student will make two dishes approx 5"



Summer Evening Stained Glass

Four 2-hour classes.

ALL LEVELS WELCOME! This class has an open curriculum allowing students to explore the art of stained glass under the supervision and guidance of an experienced instructor. Students new to stained glass can work on learning basic techniques at their own pace, while more advanced students can learn new techniques, get a refresher, or get help with more advanced projects. A great way to motivate yourself to finish that project that's been sitting on your workbench for a looooong time; we can provide the instruction and extra motivation you need to get it done!




Fused Glass Gingerbread Houses with Nonnie Lyketsos

Two-day workshop.
Get an early start on your holiday creations. In this class, each student will each create a gingerbread house made of fused glass components and other materials. Students will design, cut and decorate the glass walls and roof on day one and prepare them for firing. On the second day of class everything will be assembled and the final result will be a lighted gingerbread house perfect for holiday display. Create a family treasure, All skill levels are welcome.






Project Platemaking- Dots ‘n’ Dashes

2½ hour workshop

A great way to learn more about fusing or just a fun way to spend an afternoon with friends in this project based class. In this class, students will receive instruction, glass and materials needed to put together their very own “Dots and Dashes” plate. A great way to try your hand at fused glass, or to show family and friends how much fun glass art can be!



Mother’s Day Open Studio

2½ hour session

Take advantage of our open studio sessions to work on new or in-progress projects. In these supervised sessions you can work on stained, fused or mosaic projects and get advice from studio staff. Table space and use of grinders are included.



Pattern Bars for Kiln Work

Two-day workshop.

Pattern bars are a fun way to create interesting patterns in fused glass. In this class we will explore various methods for creating them from simple to more complex. Explore planning your designs, methods of stacking, damming, molding and thinking outside the box for advanced and unique variations. You will also learn how to cut the bars and explore various ways to construct and design with pattern bar slices. This class is great for both the first time pattern bar maker as well as the student that would like to explore more pattern bar making options. Students will have the opportunity to construct and fire a finished piece.