UPDATED 4/3/21

Following is a list of classes that have taught in the past, but may not have on our current schedule.

Due to the COVID pandemic, we are offering a more limited selection of classes, with modified curriculum to allow for required safety standards. We are working towards offering our full schedule later in 2021; you may sign up for our mailing list for the latest information on workshops.

If you have any questions about the status of a class you were/ are enrolled in, please contact us here at the shop at 301-571-8966, or email us.

Forming on Edge

3-hour class.

In this workshop you will learn how to create poured frit paintings adapted from the original David Alcala methods taught at Weisser Studio. Students will learn the basics of making layered patterns, pouring crushed glass through a vertical glass frame forming lines, patterns, blends, and layers reminiscent of textile and sand paintings. Students will have a variety of colors to work with and create an 8" x 8" fused and slumped dish.


Intro to Wearable Art

Two 3-hour classes.

Discover the creative possibilities of fused glass for pendants! For years, the emphasis in glass jewelry has been on dichroic, but you can achieve a world of gorgeous effects using “plain” fusible glass! Students will create their own handmade fused elements and learn to use assorted coldworking techniques to finish their pieces and create beautiful, finished pieces of jewelry! Each student will leave class with several finished pendants, and the skills to produce many more.



Project Plate Making: Batiky Bowls

3-hour workshop.

Join us for a fun workshop on creating amazing batiky bowls. In this class you will work with powdered glass and water on the surface of the glass creating your own unique designs with this technique developed by glass artist Lena Beckeus. The resulting patterns and color are reminiscent of traditional batik cloth design. Weisser Glass Studio adds new insight and direction on the process, and direction will be given to students on color and design ideas. A lot to learn while having an amazing time in the studio! No experience is required so get a friend to join the class. Students will have access to a selection of colors and tools to create their own 9” fused glass bowl.

*Please note that this class is being taught with permission from Lena Beckeus, the creator of the original Batik technique

Beginner Stained Glass: Copper Foil 

Four 3-hour classes.

The copper foil stained glass technique was originally devised by Louis Comfort Tiffany to be used for his intricate designs. Unlike the more traditional lead came method, the foil technique allows for more detailed patterns, as well as construction of three-dimensional objects like lampshades and boxes. Learn the entire process from beginning to end in only four sessions! Students do not need to purchase any tools, so it’s an excellent way to try your hand at the medium without having to invest in all the equipment. Each student will complete a copper foil panel approximately 9” x 12” or 11”x 14”.



Stained Glass- Beyond Beginner

Four 2½-hour classes.

This class has an open curriculum allowing students to continue their exploration into stained glass under the supervision and guidance of an experienced instructor. Students might select a new project like a lamp, box, panel, or bring a project in progress. This class is a great way to learn new techniques, get a refresher, have your questions answered, or get help with more advanced projects. We can provide the instruction and extra motivation you need to get that project done!

Soldering Workshop

2-hour class.

Soldering is often the hardest part of the copper foil process for artists to master. Problems commonly encountered include poor solder flow, uneven and streaky solder beads, and difficulty getting the proper amount of solder onto the foil for a professional look. The good news is that all these issues can be overcome with the use of proper tools and technique! We’ll cover the tips and tricks to making a smoother bead for a better- looking finish. Guaranteed to improve the look of your solder line!



Strip Cut Construction

Two 3-hour classes.

In this class, you will create a fused and slumped dish using the strip cut method of construction. Students learn various methods for cutting narrow strips and how to design and fuse strips of glass on edge, crafting beautiful bubble-free projects featuring crisp linear designs in your glass. Methods for simplifying the process, how to fire, and various applications for strip cut construction will be demonstrated and discussed.

Powdered Pet Portraits

3-hour workshop.

Create a black and white portrait of a favorite pet or other animal using fusible glass powder! A great introduction to drawing with powders (have no fear; we will teach you!), these creations also make amazing gifts for the animal lover in your life. Drawing experience is not required: we will give you tips, guidelines, and techniques to assist you in creating realistic portraits. No previous glass experience is required; we will send you guidelines prior to class regarding the required photographs.


Dazzling Dichroic Jewelry

Three 3-hour classes.

Learn all about working with fusible dichroic glass to create stunning wearable art! Using beautiful, sparkling dichroic sheet glass, students will explore various techniques to create pendants, earrings, and more. Students will have the opportunity to use small tabletop kilns to fuse their pieces, then learn to coldwork and refine their pieces for a finished, professional look. This a great workshop for both beginners and the fuser that wants to refine the look of their work. Students will get hands-on experience with firing in table-top kilns, using a variety of coldworking equipment, and some wire- wrapping and finishing techniques.

Working with Hxtal Glue

1½-hr workshop.

HXtal is an archival epoxy that surpasses all other adhesives commonly available for gluing glass and other non-porous materials. Long used in the antiques and art restoration fields, it is an excellent means to achieve results only possible with “cold fusion”.  It dries optically clear and will not deteriorate or degrade over time. Really the only adhesive capable of securing pieces of glass edge-to-edge, that’s only the beginning of what it can do; you can patch flaws and holes in glass, laminate pieces together, attach hanging hardware and even coldwork the glue after curing.  Various applications of the glue will be demonstrated and discussed, as well as the proper way to mix HXtal, prepare surfaces to be joined, and methods to secure pieces during the seven-day curing process. Students will have the opportunity to mix HXtal and glue scrap glass to get hands-on experience with the process. Each student will receive a convenient mini HXtal kit to use in class that they may take home with them!


Introduction to Paper Inclusions in Fused Glass

3-hr workshop.

See how easy it is to paint and print images in fused glass using premixed enamels and refractory paper! Add new dimensions and depth to your fused glass pieces with graphic imagery, subtle watercolor washes, and bold lines, or easily personalize pieces with no fuss and muss. Learn the basics of this fun and unconventional method, including working with the paper, premixed enamels, and transferring images to the paper using a laser printer. You do not need to know how to draw or paint for this class! Students will select one of their painted sheets of paper to complete a fused 6”x 6” tile.



Painting in Color on Glass

Three 2½-hr classes.

A thorough introduction to the basic methods of reverse painting in color on glass. These methods can be used whether you are a stained glass maker or a fuser to create rich detail in your work.  Enamel painting is a great way to create unique, stunning, and surprisingly detailed images. You don’t need to know how to draw to be able to use these techniques!

Students will learn the steps used to create fired-on images using Fuse Master EZ Fire Paints. These versatile enamels are bright, vibrant, and easy-to-use. Students get hands on experience as we unlock the secrets to mixing enamels with different mediums and application methods like lining, shading and adding color.  

Methods taught in class can be applied to a variety of projects!

Learn to Fuse, Part I

Three 3-hour classes.

Glass fusing is a fun, fantastic way to create unique and exciting art; learning the basics opens the door to the wide, wonderful world of kiln formed glass and all you can do with it! In this workshop, students will learn the fundamentals through a manageable series of samples and small projects designed to illustrate the core concepts of fused glass. Students will also have the opportunity to create an 8”x8” fused and slumped dish of their own design as a final project. After taking this class, students will have the basic knowledge needed to move on to Learn to Fuse, Part II or to work on fused projects in their own homes!

Easy Screen Printing

Two 2½-hour classes.

When we say easy, we mean easy!  Whether you are a fuser or a stained-glass artist (or both), printing on glass can be used to create detailed line work, imagery, or customized lettering.  When you are creating one of a kind artworks or small production runs there’s no need to deal with large screens and messy emulsion.  In this workshop we will start with ready-made and commercially available screens to get you started and show you how simple this really is.  Once you get the hang of that we will move you on to creating your own screens using your personal images. Stock images will be provided as well if you prefer, plus sources for finding images that are suitable for printing will be discussed.  You will learn how to prepare images for screen printing, how to develop your screens and of course how to print with them. Wondering “why screen printing”? We will answer that as well. There will be good information on types of enamels (fire-on paints) including premixed ready to use varieties and great information on firing schedules and procedures for different applications and projects.

Details will be provided prior to class on what type of imagery to bring. Students will create a variety of sample tiles; each student will receive an 8.5”x11” blank screen sheet that they will use to create their reusable screens during class.


Powdered Pet Portrait 

3-hour workshop.

Create a black and white portrait of a favorite pet or other animal using fusible glass powder! A great introduction to drawing with powders (have no fear; we will teach you!), these creations also make amazing gifts for the animal lover in your life. Drawing experience is not required: we will give you tips, guidelines, and techniques to assist you in creating realistic portraits. No previous glass experience is required; we will send you guidelines prior to class regarding the required photographs.


Portable Glass Shop – The Basics

1½-hour workshop.

Whether you do stained glass, mosaics or fusing, the Morton Portable Glass Shop is an indispensable tool for creating multiples of strips and geometric shapes quickly, easily, and accurately, saving you both time and money! In this workshop, we will cover the basics of using this fantastic tool to help streamline your cutting process and boost your accuracy. Students will become familiar with the basic components of the Portable Glass Shop and learn to cut strips, squares, and rectangles with ease!



Corallite Creations: Forming with Powder with Nikki O’Neill

In this class Nikki will reveal her methods for layering and manipulating dry glass powders to create stunning organic sculptures suggestive of the intricate designs found in coral reef creatures. Students will learn all the basic steps to forming glass powder into lacy structures that can then be slumped or draped into finished works of art. In addition to creating these basic forms, Nikki will teach students how to create many kinds of glass elements to use in composing larger and more complex sculptural forms.

Students will form elements using a wide range of techniques such as layered, reticulated Corallites, tipped stringer rods sagged into sea anemones, sea sponges made with powder dough, dichroic faux sea glass, segmented seaweed colonies, glass powder sand dollars, and glass frit sea stars.

While the theme of this class will be in creating richly colored under water sea life inspired sculptures the methods taught can be used in so many ways and will certainly inspire you.

A thorough discussion of selecting and layering color, fusing schedules and mounting methods will ensure success in making and finishing pieces in your own studio.


Nikki O’Neill has been working with glass for over 30 years and currently uses kiln-forming techniques to create sculptures and vessels from glass powder and from recycled float glass. O’Neill found her passion for art and working with glass while earning her Ph.D. in biology. Since retiring as a research scientist, she works full-time as a studio glass artist and educator. Nikki is a popular instructor at Weisser Studio and the Corning Museum Studios and has recently begun to travel more to share her expertise.



Forming Beyond the Mold with Frank van den Ham   NEW CLASS

In this five-day master class students will explore a new way of thinking about “kiln forming” as it applies to forming glass under heat inside the kiln. The emphasis of the workshop is on giving students the tools to create new, unusual shapes, free from commercial molds. Frank will take students through his methods of using ‘as little mold as possible’ to create unique forms (slumps) minimizing texture with the goal of making truly transparent fused forms.

Through a series of projects students will explore shaping with heat and gravity, sagging, and attaining transparency difficult to accomplish in typical fusing and slumping. This workshop will open your eyes to a new way of making three dimensional artworks in your kiln.

Included in the class Frank will have several lectures covering the theoretical aspects of fusing and kiln-forming, including firing-cycles and more. Each student will be able to finish at least three different objects and obtain the knowledge needed to move forward in these methods in their own studio practice.



Born in the Netherlands in 1952, Frank van den Ham has been working with glass full time for almost 40 years and teaches workshops in over twenty countries.

Frank is best described as an artist that makes different worlds recognizable and aims to connect them; from his glass bridge between those worlds he tries to connect, to understand and to explain. His fascination with Africa and the Far East and his purely Dutch roots make him into a traveller between worlds. His work tells stories about different worlds that are- in Franks opinion- actually one, and in which he is always looking for his home.

Always in search of the additional, the complimentary, always in search of home, his homesickness for "there" gives his objects tension and warmth that inevitably touches the onlooker. Colorful, poetic compositions in glass, sometimes combined with other materials like wood, fabric and silver, give a surprising insight into his realm of thoughts and dreams.

His objects are exhibited all over the world and can be found in many museums and private collections. His work demonstrates uniqueness in an exuberant range of different objects in which shape is equally important as color.

Frank currently resides and works in Indonesia.


Print, Paint, & Paper Inclusions for Kiln-Formed Glass with Sheila Rosa

Join us for a fun and action-packed class as we explore the many possibilities of paper inclusions in fused glass. You do not need drawing or painting skills for this class. Sheila will cover the use of stock images as well as how to use your personal images, whether they be photos or drawings. See how easy it is to print images and add painterly detail using methods like laser decals, premixed enamels for glass, stamping, screening, and much more! Learn to add new dimensions and depth to your fused glass pieces with graphic imagery, subtle watercolor washes, and bold lines, or easily personalize pieces with no fuss and muss. Students will create a series of sample tiles, as well as a finished piece. Firing methods and schedules for paper inclusions will be covered as well.

Lead Came Stained Glass for Beginners

Learn to build a stained-glass window using the traditional lead came technique. Everything you need to know including glass cutting, patterns, types of glass, tools, glazing and soldering is taught. Students will complete a stained-glass window approximately 11” x 14”. Patterns are provided. Requires some homework.


Advanced Linear Design in Fused Glass  NEW CLASS!


Wednesday- Sunday, May 6-10, 2020 (please be aware that Sunday, May 10 is Mothers’ Day)   LIMITED SPACE AVAILABLE!
Tuesday- Saturday, May 12-16, 2020 LIMITED SPACE AVAILABLE
Thursday- Monday, July 30- August 3
5-day workshop. Tuition $1,195.00; includes all materials and use of tools.
In this five-day course participants will explore principles of advanced pattern forming in fused glass. Students will expand their knowledge and experience of kiln-forming and cold-working techniques to produce intricate patterns which utilize symmetry and geometry to create hypnotizing mandala-like patterns. Participants will be guided through the creation of Bullseye glass striped sheets which, once fired, will be deconstructed and reassembled. Participants will learn how the arrangement of tone and color can enhance the optical properties of the pattern design and how to lay out the pattern using principles of four-fold and eight-fold symmetry. Students will realize these concepts and techniques while creating a glass tile of their own design.


The Art of Layers with Emma Varga

Wednesday, April 15- Sunday, April 19
Wednesday- Saturday 9:30- 5:00 each day, Sunday 9:30-3

5-day workshop. Tuition $1,050.00, plus a $50.00 material fee due at class

Prerequisite- some fusing and coldworking experience*

During this class, Emma will introduce students to her original method of fusing and casting multiple layers of glass, which she has been exploring and developing, with great success, for the last 15 years. This class will focus on a new way thinking about glass and on using the properties of glass to achieve visual effects as well as to achieve sense of movement within cast glass. Her innovative approach starts with multiple layers of thin glass sheets composed of tiny mosaic-like elements, ultimately achieving three-dimensional images inside the transparent fused/cast sculptural object.

In addition, Emma will also cover her methods for creating sculptural and dimensional pâte-de-vérre works. Students will have the opportunity to learn all of Emma's recent discoveries and methods in her unique way of creating large objects that are created with many small pâte-de-vérre elements. Students may choose to explore this direction as well.

We encourage students to review Emma’s massive portfolio of work so they may be prepared to learn as much as possible in this five-day intensive workshop. During the course, students will have access to Emma’s extensive digital gallery on her laptop including images of recent work as well as close-ups revealing fine details on layers inside the glass object.

Students will receive basic information about grinding and polishing 3-D glass objects, adhesives, mounting and display. Emma will also discuss her personal studio practice, strategies for exhibiting work and her newest directions in kiln forming. WOW don't miss out on this fantastic opportunity to study with this master!  

*Coldworking and finishing methods will be discussed in this class however students will need a basic understanding of cold working methods and will not do coldworking/ finishing during class.  Students may rent coldworking equipment after class at a discounted price to finish artworks made in class.


Emma Varga was born in Ada, Yugoslavia, in 1952.   She graduated from the University of Applied Arts in Belgrade, Yugoslavia in 1975 earning a Bachelor of Arts degree in Visual & Applied Art, with majors in glass design and ceramic sculpture. Her work has been heavily influenced all along by her environment and experiences, which have, ironically, served as the catalyst for both dramatic change (in tone and feel), and stabilization (in process, style and focus) of her work over the past 20 years. Political unrest within her home country led the artist to immigrate to Australia in 1995, a move which enabled the true blossoming of her work and the development of both her own signature process and style. You can see more of Emma Varga's work on her website: www.emmavarga.com


Coldworking: Methods and Machines

Saturday, April 4, 10-4

1-day workshop. Tuition $185.00. Practice glass for the machinery will be provided, students may bring an unfinished piece to class to work on as well.

Coldworking is the process of grinding, shaping, and polishing glass without heat- an essential step to creating a finished, professional look for your glass art! Learn about different options for finishing glass edges and surfaces. Students will learn how to use saws, grinders, diamond flat lap and the wet belt as it applies to coldworking.  You will also learn ways to grind and finish your glass pieces by hand, using assorted abrasives grits and pads, without the assistance of machines. Students will have the opportunity to try out the machines and various methods for creating finely finished artwork. There will also be discussion of fire polishing in the kiln in combination with coldworking. After completing the course students qualify to rent coldworking equipment in the studio.


Enamel Sampler- Demystifying Glass Paints & Enamels   NEW CLASS!

Saturday, March 21, 9:30-4:30

Full-day workshop. Tuition $225.00; includes materials and use of tools

In this class we will look at the many glass enamels (fire-on paints) available on the market today. OK, so maybe we can't cover every brand in one day, but we will investigate many of the readily available enamels commonly used in fusing studios and classrooms! In class, we see the constant quest for the perfect enamel, but all enamels can serve a purpose and they should not be ruled out. Enamels are not by nature “all-around” and should be considered good for some things but maybe not others. Let's demystify enamels and look at the many ways to use them successfully. We will learn how to mix dry enamel for various purposes and look at pre-mixed enamels and discuss the advantages of each type. Students will make many samples using various paints and application methods and will make a finished piece using premixed paints. Mediums, application techniques, and firing procedures are all taught. Action packed and full of information for anyone curious about (or confused by) painting enamels for glass!

In Weisser's Class Archives, you will find classes that we have taught in the past, but that may not be on our current schedule.

See something you want to take? Let us know! We add classes based on interest.


Mastering the Art of Cutting Glass-
Pattern Cuts

2-hour workshop.

The key to success in any of the glass art forms is good cutting; people are often intimidated by detailed glass cutting challenges, but it’s all a matter of the proper techniques and tools. We’ll teach you to do it well! This comprehensive cutting lesson will cover both simple and more difficult shapes. Learn to cut with ease and confidence; guaranteed to improve your cutting no matter your skill level. An excellent starter class for students with no cutting experience, and a valuable refresher for the more experienced glass artist. Bring any challenges you may have!


Project Plate Making: Reactive Whites

1½-hour workshop.

In this class you learn about the special design effects that can be achieved when working with reactive glass. You will see samples and gain knowledge about the reactive qualities of French Vanilla and Dense White and be able to design with sheet glass and accessory glasses like frits, stringers and more. What a great way to spend an afternoon in the studio! Each student will design and create an 8" x 8" fused and slumped dish. Students of all levels are welcome.


Intro to Wearable Art: Fused Glass Jewelry

Two half-day sessions. NO EXPERIENCE NECESSARY!

Discover the creative possibilities of fused glass for pendants! Students will create their own handmade fused elements and learn to use assorted coldworking techniques to finish their pieces and create beautiful finished pieces of jewelry! Each student will leave class with a few finished pendants, and the skills to produce many more.


Glass Beadmaking

1-day class.

What could be more fun than learning to melt glass over a torch? In this workshop you will learn to make glass beads using a canister torch. You will become comfortable melting glass rods in a flame and creating gorgeous glass beads. After learning how to make basic beads you will have ample time to create a variety of decorated beads. Equipment, safety, forming and shaping the bead, and various decorating techniques are taught. You will make a handful of unique glass beads and gain enough knowledge to begin making beads on your own. Getting better is simply a matter of practice once you understand the basics. Weisser Glass also sells a bead kit with everything you need to start making beads at home right away or consider renting bench time if you prefer using our studio to work.  All the details are provided at class!



Project Plate Making: Strip Cut Construction

3½-hour workshop.

In this class, you will create a fused and slumped dish using the strip cut method of construction. You will learn how to design and fuse using strips of glass on edge, crafting beautiful bubble-free projects featuring crisp linear designs in your glass. Methods for cutting strips, how to fire, and various applications for strip cut construction will be demonstrated and discussed.


Decorate the Season

No experience required.  Appropriate for creatives of all ages. (children under 12 must be accompanied by an adult) Registration and a $65.00 deposit per person is required.

In this new fused glass workshop, you will begin with a pre-painted seasonal motif and then you add the decoration to make it uniquely your own! Working with one of three pre-screened seasonal images on a base piece of glass, you will select from a wide variety of glass elements to decorate and personalize your project. No two will be identical! This is a great family outing for kids and adults- creations make great gifts for friends and family alike


Holiday Create ‘n’ Bake

For creatives of all ages (under 12 must be accompanied by parent).

Create beautiful holiday gifts and decorations made of glass at our popular Create ‘n’ Bake workshop! Choose from multiple fusing projects; prices start at just $10.00.  We provide you with everything you need to create your original artworks.  An ideal way to spend time with friends and family or just a great way to enjoy some quality hassle-free time in the studio being creative. Please contact shop for project pricing details. Projects will require pickup on a later date. 




Blown Ornaments

2-hour workshop.

Learn to make blown glass ornaments with a Hot Head torch.  Create unique holiday gifts or pretty little garden charms. Starting with Glaskolben pre-made clear glass tubes, you’ll learn the tips and tricks for blowing these ornaments over a simple torch and how to embellish them with color.

A great holiday weekend activity; bring your family and friends and make an event of it! Each student will have the opportunity to make up to six blown Glaskolben ornaments! (additional may be made, time permitting, for an extra fee).


Glass Combing

2-day workshop.

Experience the fun of moving glass while hot to create amazing combed patterns!  Learn ways to set up glass, how to plan controlled designs, how and when to rake the glass for beautiful chevron patterns, and more! There will also be an experimental element to this class as students are encouraged to get creative with combing.  Each student will have the opportunity to create three personal combed pieces of glass. There will be demonstration and discussion of how to use and incorporate combed glass into fused glass projects.  Firings, strip cutting, damming, coldworking, and finishing options are covered in class. Students will have the chance to coldwork one piece as desired, time permitting.


Flow Factor with Nancy Weisser

Three-day workshop.

Try a new way to add organic flow and movement to your fused glass. Nancy Weisser has been exploring and developing this process capturing movement in the glass using the heat within the kiln with great success. Through a series of projects, students will learn to use negative space, heat and gravity to impart unique patterns and qualities in your work. You will learn how to make interesting flow parts and how to recycle discarded and unwanted projects into beautiful new works of art. We will cover many variations, materials, and ways to make containment systems for circles, squares, wedges, etc. Calculating volume to control the thickness of your pieces and the appropriate firing schedules will be covered both in class and with a handout that students will receive. Finishing of the pieces will be discussed and demonstrated, and students will have the option to practice these techniques. This is a new approach full of potential!

Realistic Gardens and Faceted Stones: Metalsmithing with Sterling Silver & PMC
with Gail Stouffer

3-day workshop.

An amazing class, perfect for beginners who want to learn basic metalsmithing and PMC techniques, or for the metal worker who wants to expand their portfolio and work on their nature-inspired design skills in silver! NO PRIOR EXPERIENCE IS REQUIRED! 

On the first day, students will learn the basics of soldering sterling silver jewelry components using a butane micro torch. Mastering basic soldering skills will open the door to the most exciting jewelry projects. Gail will cover torch safety, basic paste soldering, multi-stage soldering, types of solder, pickling, patinas and polishing. Students will also practice setting a semi-precious stone into one of their pendants in preparation for their garden-inspired pieces. Basic metalsmithing skills will be covered, including using metal shears, filing, basic fabrication and design planning. 

On days two and three, students will concentrate on more advanced techniques, to help them create realistic and cohesive nature-inspired jewelry pieces. Some of the techniques students will learn include: 

IDENTIFYING & GATHERING FOCAL AND SUPPORT INSPIRATIONS- Design using the real thing! We’ll gather local flora, make still life arrangements, document, sketch, and photograph our inspirations. Using these reference points, we’ll plan the components necessary to create a full body of work. 

MAKING MOLDS FOR METAL CLAY COMPONENTS- Sculpture will be our focal point, and our faceted stones are our highlights! We’ll create all the molds necessary to bring our arrangements to life. These molds are the jumping off point that will allow for flexibility in designing the individual pieces in your collection. 

MULTI-STAGE SOLDERING- Sterling sheet is the canvas upon which we’ll build our pieces and arrange our embellishments, stone settings, and findings. First, we’ll create the parts we need, and then we’ll solder these multiple components, finally cutting and filing our pieces into shape using the fun and effective JoolTool machine. 

SETTING STONES- We’ll highlight our pieces with multiple tube settings and sparkling semi-precious stones. Small settings need special care and process, you’ll learn to manage heat and add multiple settings and findings at once. 

Students will leave this class with 3-4 finished pieces. This workshop will serve as an excellent standalone class, or as a great introduction to incorporating more metalsmithing and PMC techniques into your glass work!

Precious Metal Silver Clay and Glass with Gail Stouffer

2-day workshop.

Learn to combine sterling silver precious metal clay* and fused glass in this exciting workshop with Gail Stouffer! On the first day of the workshop, students will create beautiful and unusual fused glass jewelry focal pieces, as well as matching sterling metal clay “jackets” to set them in. On day two, after firing the components, you’ll put everything together, drilling holes in your glass and metal clay pieces, riveting them, and using some silver soldering techniques as well. Your jewelry piece will have a unique design on both sides, making it a truly reversible piece of wearable art! The perfect workshop for glass fusers or metal clay workers who want to learn more techniques for creating specialty art jewelry projects.

*Precious metal clay can be formed like any soft clay. After firing, the binder contained in the clay is burned away leaving a solid metal form.


Pattern Bars for Kiln Work

2-day workshop.

Pattern bar making is a fundamental skill for fusers and a fun way to create interesting patterns in fused glass. We will explore various methods for creating bars from simple to more complex. Explore planning your designs, and assorted methods of stacking and damming. Thinking outside the box for advanced design and unique variations will also be discussed. You will also learn how to cut the bars and learn ways to construct and design with pattern bar slices.

This class is great for both the first-time pattern bar maker as well as the student that would like to refresh or refine their approach to pattern bar construction. After creating different styles of pattern bars, students will learn how to cut, construct, fire and finish work. Each student will create at least one completed artwork while learning various methods of designing with the pattern bar slices. Students will also end up with an assortment of components to take home with them for future projects.

Master Class in Painterly Glass with Kari Minnick

5-day workshop. Prior glass experience is beneficial but not required.

Kari ups her game again with her newest workshop “Painterly Glass”. In this creative workshop students learn methods of creating a two-dimensional glass composition or panel using glass materials to achieve a painterly or painting-like quality. But…NO PAINT OR ENAMEL WILL BE USED! 

We will use Bullseye glass, powder, frit and stringer to simulate paint and highlight the unique qualities that working with glass brings to the process. Gritty, slick, or robust relief, kilnforming materials and processes give us a vast range of painterly styles from creamy impasto to ephemeral watercolor washes. Students will learn painterly effects by utilizing unusual wet and dry powder processes, multiple firings and careful temperature control. 

Painterly glass is more than the techniques used to achieve it. It is a mindset; a consideration of “the big picture”; layer by glass layer. Students will explore technique that supports strong composition, rich surfaces, and depth. Color, composition, and the effective use of opacity and transparency will be considered. Students will develop ideas through preliminary sketches, paper cut outs and/or test pieces leading to the completion of two larger glass projects.  

Topics to be covered include: color mixing, considering both sides of the glass, layering strategies, light transmission as well as 2D to 3D by slumping, draping or function. 

Prior glass experience is beneficial but not required. This highly creative and hands-on course is of interest to kiln glass workers as well as artists of other media.

Mastering the Art of Cutting Glass III-
Around We Go: Circles and Holes in Glass


2½-hour class.

A lot of people find making circles and holes in glass to be very intimidating, but they don’t need to be! In this class, we will teach you the tricks to cutting circles, small and large, successfully. We’ll demonstrate the principles behind proper circle cutting, and how to overcome any problems you may be having. Students will also learn a variety of ways to create holes and openings in glass with tools like a Dremel, a drill press, and Ringsaw. You’ll get lots of hands-on practice in this class!


Reverse Glass Painting and Design with Cheryl Chapman

3½-day workshop.

In this popular class students learn Cheryl’s methods of painting on glass that can then be taken into many styles and directions for fusers. Enamel painting on glass is a fun way to use clear glass to create unique, stunning and surprisingly detailed images.  Opaque glass enamels have a bright luminosity and reflective quality all their own.  Unlock the secrets to mixing FuseMaster high fire opaque enamels with both oil and water mediums, working in reverse, the texturing style of grisaille and the stages of applying colored enamels, layering glass and firing to a finished piece. Cheryl will work with you on your personal imagery working from books, a sketch or photograph developing your design and finished project over three and a half days using Cheryl’s multi-stage techniques to create your piece of art.  The focus of this class is on the technical skills so you will be able to take your knowledge home to develop your glass painting style.  Each student will complete an approximately 9” tile or bowl as well as practice pieces.

Contemporary Pâte-de-Vérre Forms with Alicia Lomné

5-day workshop.

Alicia employs her own signature style to create stunning, delicately detailed vessel forms. In this class students learn how to create molds from models they hand build in class. Then Alicia teaches her methods of hand-packing layers of colored glass frit and powder into the mold making a tremendous range of color and design options possible. 

This class will provide a solid base of technical information, and students will explore a variety of casting processes used by Alicia in creating her vessel forms. This will include model making, mold construction, color mixing, and color placement. She will also cover the use of inclusions in the mold; returning students will be encouraged to further explore these types of structures in their pieces. Discussions will cover firing schedules and the use of temperature to attain specific effects. 

Students new to this technique will receive all the information they need to work on their own after the class and returning students may continue their study by working with more involved designs. By the end of this class, you will feel confident in making a mold, packing it with glass, and then programming and firing on your own. 


Mosaics in Glass

1½-day workshop.

Mosaic is a versatile art form that has been used to create intricate and beautiful imagery since antiquity. It is an accessible medium for all skill levels, can be made of different materials, and can be applied to almost any surface. In this workshop, students will focus on the use of colored sheet glass to create their own mosaic in a pattern of their choice.

Previous experience is not required- if you’ve never cut glass, you will learn how to cut, break, and grind glass to fit to your design. All aspects of the mosaic process will be covered, from surface preparation to glass cutting, adhesives, grouting, and finishing. And it’s a great way to use up scrap glass!

Students will have an assortment of projects to choose from, including table-tops and wall hangings; costs will vary depending on surface and materials selected. A variety of patterns will be available for use, or students may create their own.


Print, Paint, & Paper Inclusions for Kiln-Formed Glass
with Sheila Rosa and Nancy Weisser

2-day workshop.

Join us for a fun and action-packed class as we explore the many possibilities of paper inclusions in fused glass. See how easy it is to create images and painterly detail using methods like laser decals, enamels for glass, stamping, and much more! Learn to add new dimensions and depth to your fused glass pieces with graphic imagery, subtle watercolor washes, and bold lines, or easily personalize pieces with no fuss and muss. Students will create a series of sample tiles, as well as a finished piece.


Project Plate Making: Cascade-a-Plate

3½ -hour workshop.

Create your own strip cut composition using Bullseye’s wonderful cascade style glass.  Learn how to cut strips, create compositions and pattern variations.  We show you how to set up your piece in the kiln so no coldworking is required, just fuse and slump. Firing instructions and schedules are included as well. Choose from assorted cascade styles to create a 9” x 9” slumped plate.


Printmaking Primer- Preparing Images for Use on Glass

2½-hour workshop.

The first step in most printing on glass techniques is learning how to turn drawings and photographs into usable images for print making.  In this workshop, we will guide you through the process, and teach you basic steps to manipulating images on a computer that will translate well into print making. Think you can’t do it? YOU CAN, and we’ll show you how!

Using Photoshop Elements- an easy-to-use, versatile photo editing program- you can achieve the formatting needed to use your own imagery and designs for sandblasting, silk screening, powder printing, photo decals, and more! NOTE: While we use Elements in class, the techniques being taught can usually be applied to most photo-editing programs.

Students will be guided step-by-step through the process of transforming an image of their choice into a black and white format perfect for many light-sensitive processes in a simple and straightforward way. This is an essential class for anyone wishing to explore imagery in their work or expand on the possibilities! Each student will have the opportunity to print three transparencies for future projects.


Telling the Story in Glass: Fused Glass Sgraffito Drawing with Kelly Crosser Alge

3-day workshop.

Popular glass instructor Kelly Crosser-Alge returns to Weisser to teach the use of glass frits and powders to draw two-dimensional imagery in glass. This is meant to be a crossover course, joining elements of fine art and fine craft together. Students will explore traditional ideas of drawing and using a very non-traditional approach; using glass to interpret line, value, contrast, texture, color, movement, gesture, narrative, and composition. Forget your misconception “I can’t draw”- this class will change your mind as Kelly guides you through her process of developing imagery in a single firing! 

In addition to learning simple tricks of the trade and improvised technical drawing skills, students will have the freedom and individual encouragement to experiment with using glass to create drawn imagery that tell a story, evokes emotion, and expresses mood.  Other topics and processes covered in the workshop will include kiln-formed canes and murrine, use of non-traditional and inexpensive tools, incorporating color, reactive glass, volume control, firing schedules, and finishing. By the time you leave class, you will have gained a new awareness of the visual language that is possible with kiln-formed glass, as well as confidence to see and express yourself as an artist. 


Project Plate Making: Strip Cut Construction

3½- hour workshop.

In this class, you will create a fused and slumped dish using the strip cut method of construction. You will learn how to design and fuse using strips of glass on edge, crafting beautiful bubble-free projects featuring crisp linear designs in your glass. Methods for cutting strips, how to fire, and various applications for strip cut construction will be demonstrated and discussed.


The Altered Book + Glass with Susan Taylor Glasgow

Three-day workshop.

Susan Taylor Glasgow returns to Weisser Studio with a fun and fast paced action-packed workshop! Students will learn a lot of techniques in 3 days, including open faced glass casting, creating imagery on glass, engineering, and design. This glass and mixed media sculpture course will focus on the serendipity of mixed media and embrace the happy creative discoveries of glass. 

Methods of adding imagery will include photo resist sandblasting, silk screening with fire-in glass enamels, hand painting, and more. Susan will also introduce students to different joining techniques, hardware, adhesives, and methods of affixing components to the finished project. 

In addition to the extensive techniques taught, this class will focus on incorporating these methods into students’ personal work in a way that will strengthen the visual impact and the intended message of the projects. By bringing a hardcover book of their choice to the workshop, students will have the opportunity and the means to not only add components to their book, but to alter the structure of the book itself to convey their personal narrative. 

Students will gain a whole toolbox of ideas and techniques that will apply not only to the class project, but that can be used for other glass projects. Don’t miss this chance to learn from a master and advance your own glass practice.

Glass Paperweights

2-day workshop. Tuition $465.00, includes supplies and use of tools

In this exciting workshop, students will learn techniques similar to those used by glass blowers to create beautifully colored glass paperweights. Learn to gather glass on a punty from a crucible kiln, pick up color, shape and use special studio finishing techniques. Class size is limited to six students. Each student will have time to make three to four paperweights.

Narrative Stained Glass with Joseph Cavalieri

4-day workshop.

An innovator in the stained-glass world, Joseph Cavalieri’s work strives to take the art of stained glass out of the cathedral and bring it into everyday life. Joseph is a master of blending traditional stained-glass process with dynamic and imaginative imagery based in pop culture themes. This class is ideal for the artist who knows the basics of stained glass and wants to take it to a whole new level.
In class students will explore Aesop’s Fables as subject, selecting a story to base their work on. Then, with Joseph’s guidance they will create a glass panel approximately 12”x12” using the copper foil technique. Students will learn different processes to create imagery on the glass using kiln-fired paints, including painting, airbrushing, pen-and-ink style drawing, and sandblasting. Once the imagery is complete and fired, students will assemble the panels using the copper foil method of construction to create a finished piece.

In addition to the class curriculum, Joseph will be offering advice on marketing for artists and seeking out and applying for artist residencies.


Joseph Cavalieri’s glass art is at the intersection of mystical and post-cultural. His beautifully stained and painted pieces are at once an homage to traditionally religious stained-glass art and a cheeky discussion about the pop culture we know and love.

He is based in New York City, and has completed commissions, residencies, and staged exhibits all over the world. You can see more about him and his work at cavaglass.com

Working with Hxtal Glue

2-hour workshop.

HXtal is an archival epoxy that surpasses all other adhesives commonly available for gluing and laminating glass and other non-porous materials. Long used in the antiques and art restoration fields, it is an excellent means to achieve results only possible with “cold fusion”.  It dries optically clear and will not deteriorate or degrade over time. Really the only adhesive capable of securing pieces of glass edge-to-edge, that’s only the beginning of what it can do; you can patch flaws and holes in glass, laminate pieces together, attach hanging hardware and even coldwork the glue after curing.  Various applications of the glue will be demonstrated and discussed, as well as the proper way to mix the HXtal, prepare the surfaces to be joined, and ways to secure the pieces during the curing process. Students will have the opportunity to mix HXtal and glue scrap glass to get hands-on experience with the process.

Photo-Resist Sandblasting

3-hour workshop.

Learn the basics of this versatile technique! Easily transfer detailed and photographic images to your glass using a light sensitive film and sandblasting. This quickie class covers all the fundamentals like image selection and enhancement, how to expose and apply the film and discussion of samples and how students may apply these methods to their own work. Each student will make their own sample piece using a personal image or using a stock image provided by the studio. This method can be used to enhance both fused glass and stained glass creations and it's an ideal way to add text to any project. 

Soldering Workshop

2½-hour class.

Soldering is often the hardest part of the copper foil process for artists to master. Problems commonly encountered include poor solder flow, uneven and streaky solder beads, and difficulty getting the proper amount of solder onto the foil for a professional look. The good news is that all these issues can be overcome with the use of proper tools and technique! We’ll cover the tips and tricks to making a smoother bead for a better- looking finish. Students will also learn how to manipulate the solder to create assorted decorative patterns to embellish projects. Guaranteed to improve the look of your solder line!

The Art of the Slump 

2-hour lecture demo.

One of the most basic of the kiln forming processes, slumping glass can be very complex due to the huge variety of forms.  In this lecture Nancy Weisser will share her experience explaining firing theory as it applies to a multitude of slumping molds and techniques. Students will see a variety of ways and materials that can be utilized to make their own slumping and draping molds, and ideas for modifying and thinking outside the box when it comes to using ready-made molds. This is the perfect companion class to the Fire Up lecture! 

Project Plate Making: Dancing Squares

2½-hour workshop.

A great way to try your hand at fused glass, show family and friends how much fun glass art can be, or just a fun way to spend an afternoon with friends! Learn about the art of glass fusing while selecting from a wide range of color combinations to create your own custom Dancing Squares plate! Students will receive instruction, glass and other materials required to create their project; no need to purchase tools or materials. No previous experience is required- an excellent intro to the art of fusing!

Making Vitrograph: Hand Pulled Stringers, Canes & Twists

Two half-day sessions.

Come experience the joy of forming hot glass right from the kiln! In this hands-on class you will learn all about vitrograph making including kiln set up, how to load the glass how to pull and spin stringer and how to make twisty canes all from Bullseye fusible 90 COE glass. Whether you’re a vitrograph first timer or an experienced maker, you will pull lots of vitro and take home a great big goodie bag of stringers and canes to use on future products. When you arrive on day one, the pots will be loaded and ready to go and you will experience the making of the stringers and canes. You will then work in teams to make your own pots of glass that will be pulled on day two. All the pulled stringer will be divided up between the students to take home. All levels welcome!

The Art of the Deep Formed Vessel with Nancy Weisser

5-day workshop

Creating a deep formed vessel is a multi-step process with a minimum of four firings.Different from a drop out vessel, there is no stretching of the glass; instead controlled heating, sizing and manipulation work to compress the glass into its final distinct form. Nancy Weisser has condensed the process into seven lessons fit into five days. Working with a small group (limited to six stu dents) eliminates the need to have long continuous days to learn, making the lessons more streamlined, individualized and economical. Students will learn the entire process while creating a vessel unique to their own design aesthetic. Students also learn strategies for fusing, coldworking, slumping, and finishing their vessel into a true work of art.

Perception of Pattern: Deciphering the Complex Pattern Bar with Martie Negri

5-day workshop.

Since ancient times, pattern has been a fundamental element in art making. Artist/educator Martie Negri’s work evokes the human reaction to pattern in art, whether conscious or subconscious. For the first time, Martie Negri will be teaching her complex and detailed pattern bar techniques here in the Weisser Studio!
In this class, students will explore methods of creating complex pattern elements which can then be combined- in an infinite array of possibilities- to create their own unique pattern bars. Much like a Rorschach ink blot test, Martie will have students work with a restricted palette to aid in achieving contrasting forms; shades of black, white, and grey. This will in turn allow students to better understand the intricacies and subtleties of design that can be achieved with this method.
Martie will be bringing already constructed complex pattern bars to class with her, which the students will then analyze, cut apart and fuse into finished tiles to assist in learning the entire process. Students will learn coldworking and assembly methods which will provide a strong foundation for creating with pattern bars.
Each student will go home with a tile piece created from the pattern bars Marti brings to class and will also learn all the steps to creating their own complex pattern bar.  Students will construct a series of pieces in class and have an opportunity to assemble their own complex pattern bar to be fired at the studio, or to take home and fire.

Painting on Glass: Traditional Methods, New Applications

2-day workshop.

In this painting on glass class we give you all the fundamentals of working with glass enamels to enhance and add imagery to glass. Based in traditional painting methods we will show you how these techniques are being used in a modern way in current glass trends of imagery enhanced artworks. We will also cover simple screen printing methods for ways to create lettering and graphic detailed design. Whether you work in stained glass or are a fuser you will gain a wealth of knowledge about painting methods, various enamels, painting mediums and firing paint.

Creating Hot-Worked Cane and Murrine with Gayla Lee

2-day workshop.

Learn to make glass murrine (pattern) bars and stretch them out with glassblowing techniques modified for the kiln forming studio. Students will learn several set-ups for both cane and murrine and try different methods of stretching, twisting, folding, and pulling the glass to create a variety of effects and patterns. All parts will be made with Bullseye 90 COE glass and can be used in fused glass projects.  Class will focus on making the glass murrine, not producing finished work.

Let’s Talk Kilns!

Choosing the right kiln can be a daunting experience; you want to make sure you get what you want, but how do you know what would work best for you?  Join us for this FREE one-hour seminar!
Sharon Moffitt, Weisser’s studio manager and resident kiln expert, will answer your questions and talk about the wide range of kilns on the market today. Learn about the different brands and models on the market, options available, pros and cons of different kiln styles, electrical requirements, and much more in this informative hour.
This seminar is ideal for anyone considering purchasing a kiln, whether you’re a total newbie or a seasoned professional. Not just for glass artists, either; artists in any medium requiring a kiln are welcome!

Fire Up: Creating & Understanding Firing Schedules

2-hour presentation.

Compiling 35 years of experience in glass making, Nancy Weisser has designed this lecture to deliver the information you need to understand firing and create your own firing schedules with confidence for various glass fusing, slumping, and kiln-forming projects. Whether you’re new to fusing or an experienced kiln former, you will gain knowledge that you can apply to your own glass practice. Learn about firing theory as it applies to various phases of the firing cycle including annealing and how to use this information to write your own schedules. Free yourself to explore new ideas, analyze and resolve kiln mishaps, and stop always relying on someone else’s firing schedule. Students will go home with a packet of firing schedules for their reference, annealing information, and the confidence to plan projects and fire on your own!